Managing Your Course

Section Merge Request

If you would like to combine multiple sections into one course shell, you will need to request a Section Merge. To request a section or course merge:

Section Merge Request Form

Requests will be processed as soon as possible during normal business hours, Monday-Friday.  Last-minute requests may require more processing time during high-demand times.

Section merge takes any number of additional sections you are teaching and merges them into the lowest section course shell. For example, if you are teaching BIOL 1333-001, 002, and 003, sections 002 and 003 will be merged into 001 to create a single course shell and access point for all students in those three sections.

What types of courses should be merged?

  • Single course with multiple sections taught by one instructor
  • Cross-listed course (e.g. HEED 3305 and WOMS 3305)
  • A course with both in-state and out-of-state sections

Some important things to remember:

  • Specify which section to use for the primary section, that all users will access.  Typically the lowest course number section serves as the primary section, but any section included in the merge can be used.
  • Materials from additional sections will not be merged into the primary course shell. Load materials into only the primary course in order to prevent unnecessary work.
  • Do not make any of the sections available until they have been merged. Additional sections that are merged into the primary course shell will lose any student data associated with the additional sections. Wait until the section merge is complete before making the course available.
  • Cross-listed and in-state/out-of-state courses will not be automatically merged. You must request a course merge in order to combine the sections.