Managing Your Course

Where to Store Your Files

My Files is a special repository for files you need to upload to Blackboard and things you build in Blackboard that you want to re-use. You will find the My Files tab at the top of your screen.

When you select the My Files tab, the following four items appear in the menu to the left in the File Directory:

  • My Files
  • Course Files
  • Organization Files
  • Institution Files
File Directory

The My Files area allows you to store, re-use, and share files you and others have created outside of Blackboard (e.g. Word, PDF, etc.). It is best to prepare all files first and upload them to My Files (see below) before you build your course to ensure you optimize use of this feature. My Files is standalone storage that is accessible from all of your courses.

By saving your files  in the My Files folders, you are able to do the following:

  • Eliminate redundancy. The need for multiple copies of the same file in each course section every semester is no longer necessary. One file can be linked multiple times.
  • Experience the convenience of updating a single file that can be linked multiple times in multiple sections during the current semester and in future semesters.
  • Give colleagues permission to link to your files in your My Files.

Storage Spaces

My Files (folder)

The My Files folder is a virtual repository that is labeled with your NetID. Upload all files you will use in current and future courses to this repository before working in your course. Updates will be reflected immediately in all courses linking to these files. Because these files are not tied to a specific course section, you can share these files with colleagues through Blackboard. 

Course Files

Every course section has a section-specific folder in the Course Files folder. The purpose of the Course Files folder is to store section-specific files. However, if you plan to use any of these materials in future sections or different courses, it is strongly recommended to save these materials in My Files and consider it your virtual hard drive. The Course Files folders have a space quota of 150 MB per course section.

Organization Files

In the Organization Files directory, you will see a folder for any Organization in which you are the leader. This is a place for any files to be stored for you to link within your organization. Anyone with leader access to the Organization will have access to the folder.

Institution Files

In the Institution Files directory, you will see a folder for your academic department. This is a place for any departmentally shared files to be stored for you to link into your course. These folders should consist of files the department frequently uses for multiple courses. Faculty will have access to their department-specific folders only.

Storage Outside of the My Files

Where does everything else get stored? Any items other than files such as tests, assignments, discussion boards, etc. are stored in the course shell itself. You will not see these items within the Course File folders. Each course has 150 MB to store these course structure-related items as well as files stored in Course Files.

Student submissions do not count against the course shell quota. Submissions include assignment files, exam attempts, and SafeAssign (plagiary protected) submissions.

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