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Frequently Asked Questions About Courses

How do I submit an assignment?

Test your documents on Crocodoc to see if there are any errors before submitting in Blackboard. Crocodoc allows users to temporarily upload a document, which will automatically be deleted after 24hrs.

Please see the On Demand Video about Submitting Assignments.

What is SafeAssign?

Per UT Arlington’s Academic Dishonesty Regulation, “All students are expected to pursue their academic careers with honesty and integrity.” Faculty are given the option to make assignments “SafeAssignments” which are indicated by the green checkmark icon. SafeAssign is an anti‐plagiarism tool that monitors your work against any other works found on the Internet. Upon submission, your work will be automatically added to the SafeAssign database whose purpose is to monitor future assignments submitted by anyone at UT Arlington. For personal protection of your work, you are also given the option to include your submission not only within UT Arlington’s SafeAssign database, but to the global SafeAssign database used by any others subscribed to SafeAssign.

How do I submit a SafeAssignment?

Submitting a SafeAssignment is no different than submitting a regular assignment.

Please see the On Demand Video about Submitting Assignments.

I saved my assignment as a draft. Does this mean my instructor received my assignment?

No. By saving your assignment as a draft, you can return to the assignment submission link at a later time and upload a new file or add/change comments. However, to ensure that your instructor receives your assignment, click the Submit button. Unless your instructor has specified otherwise, once you submit the assignment, it is final.

What kinds of file types can I submit as an assignment or SafeAssignment?

You can upload most word processing, spreadsheet, html, pdf, and image files to a regular assignment. SafeAssign accepts files in .doc, .docx, .odt, .txt, .rtf, .pdf, and .html file formats only.

When you save a file, only use alphanumeric characters in the file name. For example: ResearchPaper1.doc. Do not use any of the following special characters:

! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )_+ { } | : "
< > ? ‐ = [ ] \ ; ' , . / ` ~

Saving your file with special characters in the name may cause the file to be corrupted once you submit it through Blackboard.

Do NOT submit documents created in Google Docs (Google Drive).  SafeAssign is not compatible with Google Docs and will not accept files generated in Google Docs.

Can I upload multiple files for an assignment submission?

You can attach multiple files for a single assignment submission, but check with your instructor to make sure you are allowed to do this.

How can I tell if my instructor received my assignment submission?

Check your grades to see if the assignment submitted correctly. You should see a green exclamation mark icon, indicating that your instructor received the assignment but has not graded it yet.  Contact your instructor if you are unsure if your assignment submitted correctly.

Please see the On Demand Video about Checking Your Grades.

How do I take a test/exam/quiz in my course?

Always read the Instructions section when you begin your quiz. It will communicate the settings of the quiz, such as time limits, multiple attempt settings, and forced completion status.

Please see the On Demand Video about Taking a Test Online.

Can I backtrack on quiz questions to change my answers before I submit the quiz?

You can return to previously answered questions by scrolling up and down on the page if your instructor has chosen to display all questions at once. If your instructor has chosen to display questions one at a time, you may backtrack to previous questions if your instructor has enabled that option. However, always use the “backtrack” button; do not click the “back” button on your browser. 

How do I know if my quiz has a time limit?

If your quiz has a time limit, then you will see “Timed Test” in the instructions section with information about the time limit. You will also see an “elapsed time” bar that displays how many seconds have elapsed since you started the quiz.

What is the difference between the “save” and “save and submit” button?

The “save” button saves your answers only. The “save and submit” button submits your quiz attempt to your instructor. Be sure to click “save and submit” when you are finished taking the quiz.

See additional test taking tips.

How do I post to the discussion board?

Please see the On Demand Video about Creating a Discussion Board Post.

Can I make my post private?

Discussion board posts are visible to all users within the course. There is no setting to make them private. If you want to send a private message to your instructor or a classmate, use your UTA e-mail.

I want to upload an attachment to my discussion board post. How do I do this?

To upload an attachment, go to the page where you compose your message (either by starting a new thread or replying to an existing post), add any necessary content in the message box, then scroll down to the sub‐heading labeled “Attachments”. Browse for your attachment. You will be prompted to give your attachment an explanatory title. Scroll down the page and click “Submit” to display your post to all users within the course. If you wish to share an item, but your instructor has not enabled posting with attachments, you can upload the item to your MavSpace or another online space and then post the link.

How do I send an e-mail to my instructor?

If your instructor has chosen to make this tool available, click on the “UTA E-mail” link on the course menu on the left‐hand side of the page. You will be taken a page where you can select the recipients of your e-mail. Click on the appropriate recipient(s) to be taken to a page where you can compose your message.

How do I create and edit a wiki?

Please see the On Demand Video about Creating and Editing a Wiki Page.