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Enrolling Yourself in an Organization

Organizations are created by faculty and staff for content that is not course-specific. Depending on the settings created by organization administrator, you may have the option to self-enroll.
If you have been asked to self-enroll into an organization, follow these instructions:

1. Enter all or part of the organization name in the Organization Search field and click the Go button.

Step 1

2. Locate the desired organization. Hover your cursor over the Organization ID. If the organization is open for self-enrollment, a chevron button will appear to the right of the organization ID. Click the chevron button. Click Enroll in the drop-down menu.

Step 2

3. Some organizations require an access code for self-enrollment.
If so, enter the Access Code given to you by an organization administrator and click Submit.

Step 3

4. If not, simply click Submit on the Organization enrollment page.

Step 4

5. You can now access your Organization from the My Organizations module on the My Blackboard tab.

Step 5

 NOTE: If you do not have the option to self-enroll, please contact the organization administrator to request access. The Center for Distance Education cannot give you access to an organization without the organization administrator’s permission.