Your Blackboard Course

Common Technical Problems

If you encounter problems with course content or technical issues with Blackboard, contact your instructor for help in resolving them. The Help Desk will only assist you with your password problems.

Login and Course Access

Where do I go to log in to Blackboard? login pageGo to and log in with your NetID and password.

I recently registered for a course in MyMav. I do not see the course listed on my landing page when I log into Blackboard. What do I do?

First, your registration in MyMav must process completely before you will be added to the Blackboard course. Blackboard and MyMav synchronize every six hours. A good rule of thumb is that you will be added to the Blackboard course within 24 hours. Other factors include processing time for the registration to complete in MyMav, including advisor clearances, payments, and other holds.

Also, check with your instructor verify that Blackboard will be used for the course. It is the instructor's responsibility to make the course shell available.

Where are my courses listed?Your courses are listed on the landing page once you log in to Blackboard. The landing page is called My Blackboard and you can access it any time from the My Blackboard menu item at the top left of the page. Underneath the My Blackboard menu item are several different labeled areas known as modules. The courses you are enrolled in are listed in the top left module titled Courses and may be accessed from those links.


It is the responsibility of the instructor to make the course shell available. Contact your instructor if you do not see your course shells.

I tried to log in, but I got a message that says "Access denied. Your account access to the system is no longer permitted." What do I do?

Access DeniedFirst, check to make sure your login information is correct. You should use your NetID and password. If your password has expired or you don’t know it, see the NetID page to reset your password.

Verify that your registration for the course has been completed in MyMav. If you registered late, there may be some lag time for system transfer.

If you know your login information is correct, then you may be locked out of Blackboard for non-payment of fees. Contact Student Financial Services.

I tried to log in, but I got a message that says "Could not log in. Valid authentication credentials were not provided." What do I do?

No LoginYou have either mistyped your NetID or password. Your NetID does not have to be case-sensitive. However, your password is case-sensitive. Try typing it again in all lowercase.

If you know that you have typed your NetID and password correctly, your password may have expired. Go to NetID to reset it.

System Configuration

What browsers and operating systems work best for Blackboard?

Review the System Configuration for current information about browsers and operating systems that are compatible with Blackboard 9.1. Please note that even browsers and operating systems listed as compatible may still encounter problems, especially if you have plug-ins installed or are using unique settings.

Whenever I click on certain items in my course (linked files, assignments, etc.), a dialog box opens that asks me to provide my login information. What do I do?

Dialog box asking for login informationThis is an issue that occurs when using Internet Explorer. You may receive this message if you are using Blackboard for the first time.

Internet Explorer Tools - Options menuTo avoid seeing this message, add to your list of Trusted Sites. You can look at your Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer by going to the Internet Options page (under Tools in the browser).

Internet Options dialog box for Trusted SitesA dialog box will open with the Internet Options. Select the Security tab to access the Trusted Sites area. Click on the “Sites” button.

Add Blackboard to list of Trusted SitesType the address into the “Add this website to the zone” field and then click Add. Click “Close” to close this window, and then Ok to close the Internet Options dialog box. Though this issue has not presented itself in other browsers, it is a good idea to add as a trusted site in any browser you use to access Blackboard. You can do so by following similar steps in those browsers. Check the browser’s “Help” tab or menu for instructions. You may need to clear your browsing history and restart your browser for the settings to take effect.

Course Materials

I cannot view an image, or hear an audio file, or view a video, etc., loaded into the course. What do I do?

Java logoYou may not have the proper plug-ins installed. Make sure your Java is up‐to‐date or you have current versions of audio/video programs on your computer.

I downloaded and installed Java but I still cannot view certain elements in Blackboard. What do I do?

After Java is installed, it may need be enabled in your browser. Enable Java, and then clear your cache, cookies, and browsing history, and try again.

I installed the latest version of Java and made sure it was enabled in my browser. I still have problems viewing certain content items in Blackboard. What is wrong?

Any old versions of Java should be removed from your computer after updating, to prevent performance and security problems. Usually the removal occurs during the update process, but if it does not, you will need to uninstall the old versions. Follow the instructions for Windows or Mac to remove all versions of Java. Then install the latest version and enable it in your browser. Restart your computer before logging into Blackboard again.

Whenever I copy and paste into a discussion board post, the text is cut off after I submit the post. What is wrong?

This problem usually occurs when copying and pasting out of a Word document, or any other Microsoft Office program. Office inserts hidden formatting code that conflicts with Blackboard, and causes display errors. To avoid this problem, type directly into the text box when you create a post. If you have a large amount of text and do not want to retype it, paste the text into a plain text file (.txt) first. Then copy the text and paste it into the text box.

If you are using Microsoft Word, you can save the document as another file type, and it will strip out the hidden code. Acceptable file formats are rich text file (.rtf), plain text file (.txt) or web page, filtered (.html). When you are finished writing your post, choose Save As, and then choose one of the listed formats to save the file. After saving, copy and paste from the newly saved file.

I can't view any threads on a discussion forum, even though I know threads are there. What do I do?

When List View is toggled, threads may be hidden in a discussion forum. To make the threads visible again, either toggle Tree View or click on Display ->> Show All.  Both buttons are located in the upper right corner of the discussion board frame.

I tried to download a file that was in a course, and nothing happened. What is wrong?

Your browser may have prevented you from downloading the file. Check the top of your browser for a message that indicates it blocked a file or a pop-up. Allow the file to download. You may want to enable automatic downloads in your browser. Troubleshoot file download problems in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari.

I went into my course and I cannot see the course menu. All I see is the course landing page. How do I get my menu back?

The course menu has collapsed. You need to expand the menu in order to use it again and access the content areas and tools.

Collapsed Menu ArrowClick on the arrow circled in red on the image above. This will expand the course menu. If this does not work, completely clear out your cache, cookies, and browsing history. Close the browser window and open it again. Log in and attempt to expand the menu.

When I view certain threads in the discussion board, the links to the posts overlap and I cannot click on them. What is wrong?

The scroll bar has disappeared that would allow you to scroll through the multiple post links. The browser is trying to render the page without this scroll bar, so it displays all post links but causes them to overlap the other content. This problem has been reported in Firefox 3.6 versions, IE versions, and Safari versions. Please note: this problem has been resolved but additional steps may need to be taken for the resolution to take affect in your browser.

First, refresh your screen following the steps below:

  1. Just above the discussion board posts, there is a button called “Refresh.”  Click this button. (Nothing will happen on the page – this is normal.)
  2. After this, refresh the entire page using the browser’s refresh button.

Next, clear your cache, cookies, and browsing history. Be sure to do follow the steps above as well as clearing your cache. Doing both steps is necessary in Firefox 3.6 and higher.

I clicked on an item in my course and received a "Contact System Administrator" error along with an error code. What is wrong?

The following is an example of this type of error:

An error occurred. Contact the System Administrator.
For reference, the Error ID is c572bfba-198d-4737-af27-033f1195f962.

Thursday, November 4, 2010 10:17:21 AM CDT

This type of error usually occurs randomly and is self-resolving. If you receive this error, clear your cache, cookies, and browsing history, and attempt to access the item again. If you receive the error message multiple times on the same item, write down the error ID or take a screenshot. Send the error ID or screenshot and a description of what you were doing at the time of the error to the help desk.

It is very important to clear out your browser and try again before you contact the help desk. In a majority of cases, the problem will resolve on its own. Do not contact the help desk until you have attempted to clear out your browser and access the item several times, and can consistently replicate the error.

I clicked on an item in my course and received an error message saying, "Access denied" or "Resource not found." What is wrong?

This error occurs when the permissions are not set correctly to view the content in your course. If you receive this error, contact your instructor and inform them of the error. Check with your classmates to see if they receive the same error when trying to access the same items.

If your instructor or a technical support specialist informs you that the issue has been resolved, clear your cache, cookies, and browsing history, and attempt to access the item again.

I clicked on a file attachment link in the discussion board and it will not open. What is wrong?

This error can occur when files are attached using the attach file button beneath the text box when creating a post. The link may contain xid in the file name.

The creator of the post will need to re-attach the file to the post using the paperclip icon in the text box editor buttons, rather than the attach file button beneath the text box.

I tried to upload a large file (over 250 MB) to Blackboard and it did not work. What is wrong?

The system limit for file uploads is 250 MB. Compress the file before uploading it. Blackboard will accept zipped files in assignments, discussion boards, and other locations, so try zipping the file before uploading it.

The attach file link on the email page is cut off and I am unable to attach a file. How do I fix it?

This is a known issue affecting Internet Explorer 8. Either switch to a different browser, or turn on compatibility view.

Follow these steps to turn on compatibility view in Internet Explorer 8:

  1. Go to Tools.
  2. Select Compatibility View.
  3. Wait for the browser to enable compatibility view and refresh.
  4. Return to the e-mail page.
My test will not open when I click the link to access it. How do I access my test?

Many instructors choose to launch tests in a new window or tab. This requires the pop-up blockers on your browser to be disabled. Learn how to disable pop-up blockers in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome

I tried to download multiple assignment submissions but received an error message. What is wrong?

This is a known issue that occurs when using either Internet Explorer 7 or 8 in conjunction with Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems. The error message you receive may resemble the following:

Internet Explorer was not able to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later.

Use a different browser to work around this issue.

I received an error message when attempting to access SafeAssignments in my course materials. How do I get to SafeAssign?

If you are an instructor and you attempted to access SafeAssign from the assignment link in your course materials, you will receive an error message. Instructors must access SafeAssign and student submissions either through the Grade Center or the SafeAssign tool in the Control Panel.

To access SafeAssign in the Control Panel, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Select Course Tools.
  3. Select SafeAssign.
  4. Choose SafeAssignments to view available assignments and student submissions, or Direct Submit, to submit a paper yourself.

If you are a student and you received an error message when attempting to access a SafeAssignment, contact your instructor.

I submitted an assignment via SafeAssign and it has not returned results after several hours. What is wrong?

Sometimes a paper will take longer than expected to process in SafeAssign's plagiarism checker, especially during peak times of the semester, such as midterms and finals. If a paper has not returned a report after a few hours, submit the paper again.

My file exceeds the SafeAssign upload limit of 10 MB. What do I do?

The file size must be reduced in order to be accepted by SafeAssign. The following methods can be used to reduce the size of your file:

I received the error message, "The content below is outside of the Blackboard Learn environment" when I click on certain items in my course.

Many courses use textbook publisher materials or course cartridges with materials that reside outside of the UTA Blackboard system. If you receive this message, it simply means content that resides on another server is displaying within the Blackboard frame. You should still be able to see and interact with the content.

If you are not able to see the content, try adding the content URL to your list of Trusted Sites. You can determine the URL of the content by right-clicking on it and choosing to open in a new window, or selecting Properties.

I cannot open embedded PDF files in my Blackboard course. My browser tells me I need to install a missing plugin, but it does not find or install a plugin when I tell it to.

This problem typically affects Firefox.  Try the following workarounds:

I was kicked out of a test.

If you are taking a test and get kicked out, contact your instructor first – the help desk will not reset a test for you. Also, be sure to completely clear your cache, cookies, and browsing history before taking a test again.

When I enter the discussion board, the threads or posts are missing, and all I see is a blank page.A blank page on the discussion board may be caused by a problem with your browser that affects the List View.  A simple work-around is to toggle Tree View.

Course Tools

I am experiencing issues using Collaborate Web Conferencing.

If you experience issues using the Collaborate Web Conferencing software, contact Blackboard Collaborate Support.  This is a 24/7 help desk dedicated to Collaborate Web Conferencing.  

Important: Blackboard Collaborate Support is a third-party help desk that is neither owned nor operated by UT Arlington.  They will not have access to your courses or UTA's instance of Blackboard.  They can assist you with issues that arise within the web conferencing application.

Common problems include:

  • application does not launch
  • audio is unreliable or does not work
  • video is unreliable or does not work
  • bandwidth is insufficient to launch application
  • Java is outdated or the Java cache needs to be cleared

Most issues can be resolved by clearing your Java cache.

Mobile Devices

Is there a mobile app for accessing Blackboard?

Yes!  A personal license app can be purchased by individual students and faculty to access UTA's Blackboard via mobile device.  Any carrier and OS may use this app, provided the app exists in your app store.  To purchase, search for Blackboard Mobile Learn in your app store.  See Blackboard Mobile Learn FAQ for more information.

Important!  A no-cost option through Sprint and over Wifi was previously available.  The no-cost option is no longer available, and has been replaced by the Personal License.  Please see Blackboard Mobile Learn FAQ for No-Cost Option Users for more information.

What devices are supported for using the Blackboard Mobile Learn app?

All devices and carriers are supported through the Mobile Learn personal license.  See Blackboard Mobile Learn FAQ for more information.