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Financial Budgeting

The Financial Budgeting Resources below provide the tools, training, and scheduling needed to plan, implement, and maintain operating budgets and financial plans that support the mission and goals of The University of Texas at Arlington and of the UT System and to prepare legislative appropriation requests. The Resources below also meet compliance requirements and provide useful information to the University's unit managers.

Financial Budgeting Resources

The FY 2014-2015 *DEFINE Budget Update Document (BUD) InstructionsFY 2014-2015 Calendar, FY2015 Board of Regent's Budget Rules and Procedures, and PeopleSoft Budget Exception Errors and Possible Solutions are available for reference.

Detailed instructions for creating electronic budget documents using *DEFINE software are provided in FY 2015 Budget Preparation Guide, and FY 2015 Fringe Benefits.

Information for Past Budget Cycles

Critical information for all unit managers involved in the budgeting process is provided in FY 2009-10 Operating Budget Preparation Instructions (Procedure 15-2). This procedure includes an overview the steps in the budget process, when and where important budget meetings will be held, and guidelines for budgeting for salaries, deans' reserve accounts, auxiliary enterprises, designated funds, fringe benefit, and other important information

Merit salary allocation instructions are found in Operating Budget Merit Salary Allocation Instructions (Procedure 15-3). Information specific to budgeting for merit increases includes current eligibility criteria for merit increases and how the increases should be incorporated into the budget.

Budget Rules and Procedures for Fiscal Year 2009-2010 (Procedure 15-4) contains general guidelines for budgeting, including initial budgeting and budget amendments.

UT Arlington's adopted rules for faculty academic workloads can be found in Faculty Academic Workload Requirements, Fiscal Year 2009-2010 (Procedure 15-5).

Unit managers needing to process budget adjustments can do so by processing a VT1 in *DEFINE for 14E and G accounts and a VT2 for 19 and 29 local accounts

FY 2010-2011 Pre Budget Policy and Preparation Instructions is a Managers' reference for procedures in advance preparation of the 2010-2011 Operating Budget.