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Financial Budgeting

The Financial Budgeting Resources below provide the tools, training, and scheduling needed to plan, implement, and maintain operating budgets and financial plans that support the mission and goals of The University of Texas at Arlington and of the UT System and to prepare legislative appropriation requests. The Resources below also meet compliance requirements and provide useful information to the University's department/cost center managers. 

Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Budget Process

FY2024 Budget Process Calendar

EPM Department Users Report Listing

Allocation Form EG-DT-MF Process

Reconciliation of Changes - Academics

Reconciliation of Changes - Other

Budgets, Planning & Analysis Staff List with Units

Step by Step Guide to EPM Budget Processing

E&G Budget Process Check List

Other CC Budget Process Check List

Planning Budget from Salary Roster Instructions

FY22 Cost Centers with Fund Code Changes

FY22 Cost Centers with Fund Code Changes

UT Share Budget Information

Revenue Accounts Listing

Expense Accounts Listing

Budget Exception Errors and Possible Solutions

Budget Transfer Rules

Process for Reorganizations 


Will all Positions be shown?

No, only "budgets" position are loaded into the budgets system.

Will the hiring freeze affect the budget entries?

The hiring freeze itself does not affect Hyperion and budgets should be prepared as if the hiring freeze did not exist.

Vacant positions filled, new approved positions, terminations, etc., after the UT Share pull date need to be budgeted correctly for the fiscal year.

On Maintain Position Data is "annual " the base salary for faculty even though they are paid for nine months?


How does new faculty with a signed offer letter get entered into Hyperion?

A position number must exist in UT Share prior to the UT Share position pull date. Review the job aid for adding a position to Hyperion.

What does "endowment cost center" on the Maintain employees by position - Allocations tab mean?

Endowment cost center is just a term used by hyperion and is not to br confused with employees who are paid from University endowment funds. On the Allocations tab, Salary Department and Endowment Department must be the same and Salary Cost Center and Endowment Cost Center must be same.

What happens if the endowment cost center was entered incorrectly/differently from Salary Department and Salary Cost Center?

The summary form showing the entire budget for the Department/ Cost Center will be out of balance. They have to be the same in both areas.

Why doesn’t the position and employee data talk to each other?

Positions exist regardless of filled or vacant so that is one set of data captured by Hyperion. The employee side is based on individuals actually in positions. Since the data is separate in Hyperion it must be updated on both the position and employee sides.

Which Hyperion GL account is used for clinical and non-tenure track positions that are not budgeted positions?

Faculty Salary Reserve account #50109.

If positions move from one cost center to another do UTA Flow forms have to be completed?

Yes, you are just budgeting funds in this system. Any position changes need to have UTA Flow forms completed in order for the change to be made in UT Share.

If I transfer a position out to another Department/Cost Center in error how do I transfer it back?

Once a position has been transferred out of a Department authority over the position movement is relinquished. Refer to the Job Aid on transferring positions before you begin.

How can Departments tell whether a position funding change was completed in UT Share before the positions were loaded into Hyperion?

If the funding was changed in UT Share prior to the position load the change will be shown in Hyperion. If the funding has not been changed in Hyperion then make the change.

How are supplements budgeted?

Enter the amount on the appropriate salary reserve account – A&P account #51109, Faculty account #50109, Classified account #51209.

Supplements are not budgeted on the position or employee directly.

How are employees with two positions handled (Professor and Chair)?

Only one position will show as budgeted and should be the 100% allocation position.

Supplements are budgeted on the appropriate salary reserve account.

If a vacant position’s salary has been reduced for whatever reason, do I make the change in Hyperion?

Yes, you need to make that adjustment in both salary grades so that your summary form balances.

How are position changes handled after the load into Hyperion from UT Share?

Departments need to enter changes in Hyperion for position changes they are aware of during the budget process. Changes that occur after the budget closes to Departments will have to be handled after the new fiscal year begins 9/1.

Adding a new position has specific steps to follow including the Approval step.

Refer to the job aid on adding a new position.

Does split funding on a position always need to total 100% on allocations?

Yes, if the position is fully budgeted.

If the position is partially paid from a non-budgeted cost center, project or grant then the allocation will only be the percentage amount that is ‘budgeted’.

Which option do Departments use for faculty promotions?

Promotion dollars are budgeted on the Promotion salary grade for each position/employee.

How does a Department handle a position with an employee who is retiring before the end of the current fiscal year?

Budget the position. You will not budget for partial years.

If a faculty position, check with the Provost office for clarification on Institutional Research (IR).

Changes effective after Sept 1st will be updated in UTShare.

If I have changes to an FTE what do I do?

Contact your Budget Resource and let them know so they can change the FTE for you. Do not attempt to change an FTE on your own.

Be prepared to provide the Department, Cost Center, Position Number, Employee Name and Number and what the issue is with the FTE.

How do I terminate or delete an employee from a position?

Delete the assignment not the position or employee.

How will positions in Hyperion get updated after I complete my budget process work?

Position updates need to continue to be made in UT Share with UTA Flow forms.

Once the position data is loaded into Hyperion from UT Share, additional position changes will be those the departments enter based on their knowledge of the future fiscal year.

Fringe Benefits Questions

Do the fringe benefits have to be manually calculated?

For all cost centers (except E&G) the fringe benefits will need to be calculated and entered on the appropriate form and appropriate expense account number.

The fringe benefits estimates are located on the Budget Office web page.

How are E&G fringe benefits budgeted?

Fringe benefits for salaries paid from E&G funds (cost centers beginning with a “2”) are budgeted centrally for the entire University. Departments do not budget fringe benefits on E&G cost centers.

Budget transfers are processed monthly to allocate out the fringe benefit funds to each E&G cost center.

General Questions

Does Hyperion have an option to switch the view to a future month?

No, the budget is effective 9/1 each year.

How will supervisors view budget information?

Individuals who attend training are allowed access to Hyperion. Supervisors can view budget information directly in Hyperion. If they did not attend training, then the budget can be exported to Excel.

How do Departments see all of their budgeted cost centers in Hyperion?

Security access was granted based on responses back from Departments/Budget Managers. You will be able to see what you have been given access to.

How do I know what my Department and Cost Center numbers are?

The Department budget administrator should have a list of budgeted cost centers.

Review UT Share for your Department and Cost Center numbers.

The Hyperion Security spreadsheet lists budgeted Departments and Cost Centers.

Are Growth Funds now being budgeted instead of transferring the funds after 9/1?

Yes. Departments with Growth Funds will receive email communication from their Budget Resource person with the information.

Are we Editing or Creating budgets in Hyperion?

Editing existing data from the current fiscal year. Budgets remain status quo meaning there are no increases unless granted approval to increase.

Why are we budgeting at the GL expense account number now?

To be able to provide reporting that shows budget to actual expenses.

Is there a prompt to save changes?

No, users need to make sure they save data often.

Will the password set up in class be my password in production?

No, passwords reverted back to ‘password’. Users need to reset it.

Refer to the job aid to reset your password.

Will password change every year?

No. The password users set now is what it will be until you change it again.

Passwords do not update in Hyperion when prompted to change passwords in UT Share.

Will current budget be shown in Hyperion?

Yes, under the current fiscal year.

Can users have two windows open and make changes to position and employee side at same time?


Will ‘Preferences’ in training be in Production or do I have to reset them?

Preferences in Production will have to be re-entered.

How will budget changes be handled in Hyperion after the Departments are finished?

Email your budget resource and depending on the change they will determine whether it can be entered or if it will have to be handled after the start of the new fiscal year 9/1.

If there is a budget reduction how will that be handled?

Depending on the timing of the notification, either the Departments or the Budget Office will make adjustments.

What is the deadline date for ………

Review the Budget Process Calendar on the Budget Office web page.

Fields/areas in Hyperion where we are not to enter any data, do we have access to them?

Yes. Please refer to the training powerpoint for areas you should not be using or entering data that you have access to.

There are some fields on the Summary Forms where you are not allowed to enter data since those fields are sub-totals or totals

I have a new cost center to budget but it is not in Hyperion. What do I do?

Email your budget resource so they can request it be added to Hyperion.


Does the transfer worksheet take the place of the UTA Flow budget transfers?

No. The transfer worksheet is used during budget development to identify ‘original’ budget transfers. This worksheet has nothing to do with the regular transfers processed throughout the year.

Do I need to record a transfer into my Department/Cost Center from the Dean’s Office?

Yes, all transfers in and out of a Department/Cost Center must be recorded on a transfer worksheet. In this example, the receiving Department/Cost Center records the ‘transfer in’ and the sending Department/Cost Center records the ‘transfer out’ on each of the worksheets.

Communication among Departments/Cost Centers is necessary to ensure the amounts are recorded exactly the same – transfer in and transfer out.

Do the budget transfer worksheets have to be approved by someone before submitting to the Budget Office?

The budget office does not require approvals before submitting. Each Department should have their own approval process in place to ensure all budget data submitted to the budget office is accurate

How do transfers show in Hyperion?

Transfers appear on the summary forms based on the funding transferred.

Designated Tuition transfers will show on the “TRNSFR in Designated Tuition” account line.

Transfers from another Department/Cost Center will show on the “70400 Tran IntraFund In” account line.

How do transfers show in Hyperion?

Transfers appear on the summary forms based on the funding transferred.

Designated Tuition transfers will show on the “TRNSFR in Designated Tuition” account line.

Transfers from another Department/Cost Center will show on the “70400 Tran IntraFund In” account line.