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Why Go Direct Deposit? It's All About You!

Your Security

Direct deposits are automatic and fully traceable, and help protect you against identity theft!

  • Direct Deposit is secure, convenient and fast. A Direct Deposit payment has never been lost.

  • Direct Deposit is confidential. From five to nine people at a financial institution handle each check compared with one or two people who handle an electronic transaction.

  • Direct Deposit can eliminate check fraud. It is the most private, safe, proven way to transfer money.

  • Over a quarter century of success proves that Direct Deposit is safe and confidential.

Your Environment - Go Green

According to the PayItGreen Calculator, the number of printed checks and earning statements that UT Arlington is currently issuing for one year uses:

  • 840 pounds of paper

  • 8,012 gallons of wastewater

  • 171 trees

  • 14,684 pounds of greenhouse gases

Your Convenience and Peace of Mind

Direct Deposit gives you peace of mind. No hurrying from the office to the bank. It is the most private, safe and proven way to transfer money.

  • Funds are accessible in your bank account on payday.

  • Never worry about a lost or stolen check.

  • No office hours or banking hours to meet.

  • Set it up once and payments automatically post directly to your account.

Direct Deposit - You Can BANK On It!