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Preferred Supplier Agreements

The Procurement Office has established several campus-wide blanket orders/contracts, and are available for your viewing herein. If you need additional information regarding these contracts, please contact your Procurement Specialist.

Note: The majority of contract information below is in PDF format. Click here to download  Adobe® Reader®. This software is free, and freely distributable. It allows you to view and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files on all major computer platforms.

 NOTE: eShipGlobal accounts are for University business-related shipments only. Personal shipments are strictly prohibited.

The University's preferred on-line shipping service with multiple carriers is eShipGlobal. Using eShipGlobal as your source for all shipments, domestic and international, will ensure receiving the best discounted pricing available from FedEx, UPS, Lone Star Overnight, and DHL (international only), and 100% HUB credit. From eShipGlobal's site, the user can choose the preferred carrier and service, print airbills and return labels from their computer and track packages in transit. Payments will be made utilizing the university ProCard .

To set up an account and start shipping, look for the eShipGlobal icon in

eShipGlobal Icon

For additional information on eShipGlobal, please email  Nancy Czarowitz.

When the need for relocation services arises, UTA departments should utilize the contracted vendors listed below whenever possible.  

Procedure for contracting for relocation services:

  1. End user must obtain a written quote from the selected vendor, referencing their E&I or BuyBoard contract#.
  2. Submit a requisition in UTShare and attach all quotes to the requisition, along with the HR letter showing the approved relocation allowance. The appropriate category code for relocation services is 80111506
  3. Upon approval by the Procurement Office, a purchase order number will be forwarded to the requesting department for dissemination to the selected vendor.
  4. When the move is complete and an invoice is received, a voucher will need to be created in UTShare for payment against the PO.

Please contact Joe White at ext. 2-6148 or with questions or for clarification.

Contact information for each company is listed below.  

Allied Van Lines – Berger Transfer (E&I)

Mark McIntyre

All Points of Texas -Atlas Van Lines (BuyBoard)

Amber Leighton

Daryl Flood Mayflower (E&I)

Jaclyn Toney

Armstrong United Van Lines (E&I)

Rob Hurt

Prestige Business solutions Selected as Preferred supplier for  Printing and Promotional Items

The Office of Procurement Services continues to drive value for the campus and has again contracted with Prestige Business Solutions as the preferred supplier for the day-to-day printing needs of the University. Prestige Business Solutions is a certified Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) with the State of Texas, providing 100% HUB credit for all purchases.

Prestige Business Solutions is a full-service offset and digital print supplier with a wide range of printing and copying capabilities, including an online, easy-to-use ordering portal for items such as business cards and letterhead, which meets UTA’s stationary guidelines.

Prestige Business Solutions will deliver completed print jobs to campus daily as needed. Our campus representative, Doug Kraum (contact info below), is available to assist University departments personally as needed.

In addition, as part of the contract, Prestige Business Solutions can provide a wide range of promotional items such as caps, t-shirts, pens, etc.

Prestige Business Solutions contact information:
Main Number :

Doug Kraum
Andrea Parker

For mor information, please contact Charlie Brooks in Procurement and Payment Services at 817-272-2194 /

New Five Year Agreement with W.W. Grainger, Inc for Maintenance, Repair and Operations Products and Services

The University, through the U.T. System Supply Chain Alliance, has entered into a new five-year preferred supplier agreement with W.W. Grainger, Inc. for a variety of maintenance, repair and operations products and services. Grainger was recently awarded the new contract after a rigorous competitive proposal process. Grainger has been providing outstanding products and services to the University for many years and all parties look forward to continuing the relationship.

While known traditionally for more industrial-type maintenance and repair items, Grainger now offers over 1 million different products in a variety of product categories that are available to the University under the new agreement. For more information on any of their products and services available please contact the representatives listed below or visit for a complete product and service catalog.

In addition to an aggressive pricing structure, the new agreement offers the following added value benefits to the University community at no additional charge:

  • Dedicated on-campus support
  • Product and safety training
  • Product demos from manufacturers as requested
  • On-line / punch out order capabilities in UT Share (PeopleSoft)
  • Inventory / usage audits and management

As a further benefit to the University, Grainger partners with the Burgoon Company which is a State certified Historically Underutilized Business (HUB). All Grainger products can be ordered through Burgoon to receive 100% HUB credit, with no price increase. Orders, questions, or requests for more information on any of the products and services available under this agreement can be directed to either:

Natalie Varela
W.W. Grainger, Inc.
Stacie Cook
Burgoon Company (HUB)

The University of Texas at Arlington utilizes the University of Texas Supply Chain Alliance to partner with two providers for copiers and printers. Contact information for each vendor is listed below:

Konica-Minolta Canon
Erika Manning Anthony Smith
214-500-5998 469-662-7443

Contract Highlights

  • Either vendor may be used. However, no current lease can be terminated to switch providers. As the end of the lease approaches, it is advised to compare available models, features and pricing between both vendors.
  • The contracts cover Multifunctional Devices (MFDs) - such as network copier/printers.
  • The contracts provide for fixed discounts from list prices. These fixed discounts are applicable to both leased and purchased equipment. Under the lease option, for 36, 48 or 60 months, the cost will include a monthly lease price and a cost-per-copy print charge.   Each print charge (cost per copy), will pay for the cost of all consumables, maintenance, and service for the equipment.
  • Departments can consolidate all of their units for billing purposes and receive one monthly invoice for equipment leases and one monthly invoice for copy charges. In addition, you may now pay your printer/copier expenses with your ProCard, manage your account on-line, and get set up for auto-pay if desired.

How to Order

  1. Contact the representative listed above for the vendor you wish to use.
  2. To formalize the lease, vendors will provide the requisitioning department a lease document outlining the terms of the lease including units being leased, location, department contact, pricing, and all other relevant details. All lease documents must be submitted to the Office of Procurement & Payment Services for signature.
  3. After execution, the documents will be returned to the department for direct submission to the University’s current sales representative listed above.
  4. Upon placement, acceptance of the equipment, and receipt of invoice(s), the department will initiate payment for the lease and maintenance contract by following the How to Pay Your Invoice guidelines.

How to Pay Your Invoice

  1. Have the vendor set up your account for on-line payment via ProCard. This is the preferred method and eliminates many payment process steps required when paying with a traditional voucher.
  2. If a department does not opt for on-line ProCard payment, a Non-Purchase Order Voucher must be created and submitted with the appropriate backup documents.
  3. If submitting a voucher, include a copy of the signed documents referenced in HOW TO ORDER #2 along with the invoice as support for the first payment.
  4. For subsequent voucher payments, the voucher ID of the initial payment must be referenced in the 'Comments' of the non-purchase order voucher.
  5. Additional Information for non-purchase order voucher entry:
    • Konica Lease Payments :
      UTShare Supplier ID: 0000107519 - First Citizens Bank & Trust, dba Konica-Minolta
      Account Code 64033 – Rental of Copy Machine

    • Konica Maintenance/Usage Payments
      UTShare Supplier ID: 0000025380 – Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA
      Account Code 63811 – Maintenance and Repair of Equipment

    • Canon (Lease and Maintenance)
      UTShare Supplier ID: 0000026158 – Canon Solutions America, Inc.
      Account Code 64033 – Rental of Copy Machine
      Account Code 63811 – Maintenance and Repair of Equipment

For questions about this contract or procedure, contact Nancy Czarowitz at or 817-272-7146.

Luxury car services are available under contract with A&D Transportation. A variety of vehicles are available for local transportation for clients, executives, or other esteemed guests of the University who may require such a service.

Reservations, for University related business only, can be made by completing the reservation form below and returning to, or in urgent cases by calling the A&D reservation line at 832-217-4936. A representative from A&D Transporation will then follow up with the requesting party to confirm all important details, including final cost.

Procedure for arranging luxury car services:

  1. Request a quote by completing and submitting the reservation form, or calling 832-217-4936.
  2. Once a booking has been finalized, create a requisition in UTShare and attach the quotation. A purchase order will be created for payment purposes. Vendor ID 0000107553.

All services will be directly billed to the department scheduling the ride and will be paid via a Purchase Order voucher. If your department anticipates using these services periodically throughout the fiscal year, a blanket purchase order can be set up with sufficient funding to cover your anticipated annual usage. ProCards are not allowed for University-related bookings.

For more information, contact Sr. Contract Specialist Charlie Brooks at or 817-272-2140.