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Instructions for Summus Dell Orders and Custom Quotes

It has come to our attention that some Summus/Dell quotes and resulting orders in UTShare have been processed in a way that causes downstream issues related to encryption and the proper tracking and reporting of assets. Please take a moment to review the important points below:

    1. When requesting a custom quote from Summus/Dell (e.g. not standard configuration items on our Dell Premier Page), be sure to request the “E Quote” format. This is important because the quote is provided in an itemized fashion which is needed for proper tracking of assets.

      If you receive a quote in the “Sales Quote” format all items are bundled together in a single line item. Do not create a requisition in this format in UTShare. Return the quote to Summus/Dell and request an “E Quote”. Both vendors are aware of this issue and will do their best to only provide E Quotes going forward, but your diligence is required as well. Furthermore, you can request that your “E Quote” be uploaded into MAV eSHOP where you can then retrieve it using the “quotes” link on the Dell punchout page, and then create a cart and subsequent requisition in UTShare.

      Here is an example of a quote that should NOT be used as a single line on a Requisition:

      Qty: 1

      OptiPlex 7050 SFF;OptiPlex 7050 SFF XCTO(4@ USD 845.00); DP2DVI DisplayPort to DVI Video Converter(4@ USD19.00); C2G 6ft Displayport Cable with Latches M/M-Black(4@ USD14.00)

      This description cannot be used in UTShare because each item (computer, video converter and cable) must be on separate lines. These items all use different category codes, different account codes and only the computer has a Profile ID and is tagged and tracked as an asset. This causes significant issues, and additional work, downstream in the process for Asset Management and the Encryption Room because it appears that there is only one computer.

    2. When entering a requisition for controlled items or capital assets, please ensure you use the correct Account Code and include a Profile ID. A helpful presentation is included on the Procurement website at or you may contact your Buyer or Aprell Feagin at 817-272-6180 if you have any questions prior to finalizing your order in UTShare.
    3. Any computer order, or any controlled item or asset, must have all lines set to ship to Central Receiving (CENT110 in UTShare). This is necessary for encryption and asset tagging and tracking. Per Procedure BF-PM-PR1 Responsibilities, Inventories, Reporting and Tracking of University Property, these items may not be shipped directly to a Department. In the event this occurs in error, the Department must contact the Property Management Office immediately at 817-272-2191.

Thank you for taking the time to review this information.