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AP Common Oversights

Incorrect Expense Code/Missing Official Occasion Form on "Food":

All meal and entertainment expenses are considered to be "food - entertainment" with object codes 1323, 1327 and 1324 (Grant Accounts) used versus code 1415. The Official Occasion form is to be forwarded along with the supporting paperwork. The Official Occasion form is to be signed by the individual receiving the reimbursement. If payment for meal/entertainment is made directly to restaurant/vendor, the Official Occasion Form is to be signed by a department official.

Approval of Own Reimbursement VP2 Document:

An individual cannot approve his/her own VP2 reimbursement electronic document without it first being approved by his/her supervisor/designated signer. A signature on the paperwork by the individual's supervisor may be accepted on an occasional basis.

Small Receipts, Invoices and Supporting Paperwork not on 8 1/2 X 11 Paper:

All payments are generated based on receipts, invoices, or some other paperwork stating to whom payment should be made and the amount to be paid. Supporting receipts smaller than normal 8 1/2 X 11 should be taped to a clean 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper with none of the pertinent information covered by the tape. If the invoices/receipts supporting the payment are illegible, please write the amounts out to the side. Please note the VP1 or VP2 document number in the upper right hand corner of the supporting paperwork and send to Accounts Payable, box 19135 or 19136. The notation of the VP1 or VP2 document number in the upper right hand corner of the paperwork will alleviate the necessity of sending a screen print of the VP1 or VP2 cover sheet with that paperwork. Please note on those invoices requiring a PO the under $2000.00 PO number, (i.e. 2002Axxxxx), if it is not already documented by the vendor. The reason for this is due to new Review Procedures required by Procurement Services. Finally, please staple multiple pages for a VP1 or VP2 document together versus paper clipping so the supporting paperwork will not be separated.

Missing Benefit to UT Arlington in Notes Field of VP2:

Payments for memberships, dues, and subscriptions are to indicate the benefit to the University in the Notes field of the VP2. Failure to make these notations delays the payment approval process.

Missing Advertisement or Verbiage:

A payment to vendors for any advertising (newspaper, radio, magazine, TV, etc.) requires a copy of either the actual advertisement or the verbiage of the advertisement.

Missing Proper Check Distribution for other than US Mail:

Payments where a remittance/paperwork needs to be sent with the check must be marked "T" on the cover sheet of the electronic VP1 or VP2 document. Also, the VP1 or VP2 document number must be referenced in the Comments field of the "invoice information and comments to be printed on the check stub" section. To access this section, place an X in the Comments/Ref field of the cover sheet and enter. The notation of this information in the Notes field of the VP1 or VP2 is not sufficient since those notes do not print on the check. The attachment can be paper clipped to paperwork sent to Accounts Payable or sent directly to Accounting Services. Pickup of checks "while not encouraged", need to be marked "P" on the cover sheet of the VP1 or VP2 if approved by Director of Accounts Payable or designee and the person's name with phone number to contact referenced in Comment field of the "invoice information and comments" to be printed on the check stub" section. To access this section, place an X in the Comments/Ref field of the cover sheet and enter. Checks are separated by those sent US Mail, with attachments, and etc. at time of printing. If the check distribution is not indicated properly and the VP1 or VP2 number or the contact person noted in the appropriate field, the check might be mailed without your attachment sent or the person called for pickup. Finally, UT Arlington does not use the "C" check distribution.

Check Print Date and Supporting Paperwork Deadline:

Checks print each Thursday. As has been stated in memorandum form as well as in VP1 or VP2 instructions, the paperwork for a Thursday check issuance must be in the Wetsel building by 5:00 PM the previous Friday. If that deadline is not met, the check issuance may be delayed. If special consideration for paperwork presented after the Friday deadline is needed, please contact Accounts Payable so we can locate the paperwork, review for accuracy, and approve.

Missing Travel Authorization Number:

The TV (request to travel) number must be noted on the PO NBR field of the VP2 document if the registration is for an out of town conference or seminar. A TV number is also required even if there is no travel cost associated with the out of town registration.

Missing Original Receipts:

Original receipts must be submitted. However, if the original receipt is not available, for whatever reason, a memo from the department head must accompany the paperwork indicating why the original is not available and mention that reimbursement has not been previously made.

Missing Invoice Number/Account Number:

If there is an invoice/account number referenced, please use the invoice number/account number on the Invoice Number field of the VP1 or VP2 document.

Incorrect Format Primary Vendor Name for Individuals and Employees on GGV:

The correct format for entering individual and employee name is last name, first name. The Other Name field can be used for such things as Do Business As (DBA), Care Of (C/O), Attn.:, etc. All addresses should be entered on the Postal Address field.


The following web pages will offer additional information in the processing of items mentioned. Please contact Accounts Payable if further assistance is needed. Thank you.