PO/Contract #PO DateContract Start DateContract End DateVendor NameTotal Value of ContractCommodity & Service PurchasedMethod of ProcurementJustification Method
000000512506-01-16FISHER SCIENTIFIC COMPANY LLC$ 33,492.44Laboratory and scientific equipmentGroup PurchaseUT System Alliance
000000518106-02-16Austin Ribbon & Computer Supplies.Inc$ 2,068.00Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000520406-01-1605-01-1604-30-17JUMP FORWARD LLC$ 14,000.00SoftwarePrime SourceBest Value
000000525706-01-1606-03-1606-02-17M&S TECHNOLOGIES INC$ 1,970,328.18Networking softwareCompetitiveDIR
000000526606-03-1605-11-1605-10-17QUALTRICS LLC$ 3,000.00Engineering and Research and Technology Based ServicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000526806-01-16SHI GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS INC$ 16,147.50Information exchange softwareGroup PurchaseUT System Alliance
000000528905-31-16Austin Ribbon & Computer Supplies.Inc$ 7,058.32Desktop computersGroup PurchaseDIR
000000529205-31-16COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAMINATION BOARD$ 7,650.00Printed publicationsPrime SourceBest Value
000000529705-31-16University of Alaska Fairbanks$ 4,120.00Hotels and lodging and meeting facilitiesPrime SourceBest Value
000000531006-01-1608-01-1607-31-17AIRWATCH LLC$ 26,275.00Security and protection softwareGroup PurchaseUT System Alliance
000000532006-01-16Smith & Riddel Customs LLC$ 6,090.00Window treatmentsPrime SourceBest Value
000000533006-03-1609-01-1608-31-17VEOLIA ES TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS LLC$ 65,000.00Hazardous waste disposalGroup PurchaseState - Other
000000533306-01-16TRUMAN ARNOLD COMPANIES$ 12,808.80Fuels & Fuel Additives & Lubes & Anti corrosive MaterialsGroup PurchaseTXMAS
000000533806-03-1606-21-1606-20-17Tenable Network Security, Inc.$ 13,650.00Computer servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000534205-31-16SAFWAY SERVICES LLC$ 14,840.00Rigging and scaffolding servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000534505-31-16MCMAHAN'S FLOORING INC$ 6,128.60Floor laying servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000535806-01-16BABAFEMI OMONIJE$ 14,673.20Parking fac. const. & equip. install. & maint. & repair svc.Prime SourceBest Value
000000536106-03-16COWBOY MOTOR COMPANY LC$ 26,017.00Passenger motor vehiclesGroup PurchaseGPO-Other
000000536306-01-16KONECRANES INC$ 4,716.05Vehicle maintenance and repair servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000537106-02-16DIPERT TRAVEL & TRANSPORTATION LTD$ 379.50Passenger road transportationPrime SourceBest Value
000000537806-03-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 2,083.24Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000538206-01-16Interior Design Group, Inc.$ 13,815.00Interior finishing and furnishing and remodeling servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000538606-02-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 2,732.35Notebook computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000540706-02-16OUTBOX AXS LLC$ 5,978.00Computer printersPrime SourceBest Value
000000541206-03-16EMS Software, LLC$ 6,199.20Business function specific softwarePrime SourceBest Value
2013GC074406-01-16UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE$ 68,136.00Engineering and Research and Technology Based ServicesPrime SourceBest Value
2016FM344705-31-16CCS CUSTARD CONSTRUCTION SERVICES INC$ 379,492.28Building site preparation servicesPrime SourceBest Value
2016FM345806-01-16CCS CUSTARD CONSTRUCTION SERVICES INC$ 24,847.09Building maintenance and repair servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000475106-16-1603-01-1602-28-17HURON CONSULTING GROUP INC$ 22,443.00Computer servicesOther TypesBest Value
000000524506-15-1609-01-1608-31-17MATHESON TRI-GAS INC$ 17,800.00Specialty building and trades servicesCompetitiveCompetitively Bid
000000525006-16-16Simba Industries$ 20,253.28Lighting Fixtures and AccessoriesCompetitiveBest Value
000000526206-15-16NEWEGG INC$ 2,055.66Chassis componentsPrime SourceBest Value
000000527606-15-16Austin Ribbon & Computer Supplies.Inc$ 359.25Tablet computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000528806-16-1610-01-1609-30-17GREATER DALLAS OFFICE EQUIPMENT INC$ 30,000.00Printer and photocopier and facsimile accessoriesOther TypesBest Value
000000529406-16-16PRESTIGE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS INC$ 68,427.44Reproduction servicesOther TypesBest Value
000000532306-17-16WATERS TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION$ 181,215.00Laboratory and scientific equipmentSole SourceContractor/Grantor Requirement
000000536706-13-16B&H FOTO AND ELECTRONICS CORP$ 4,549.00Camera accessoriesPrime SourceBest Value
000000538706-13-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 4,686.81Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000539106-16-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 2,479.88Notebook computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000540406-16-1606-03-1608-31-16TIBH INDUSTRIES INC$ 12,350.40Business administration servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000541806-15-16COMM-FIT LP$ 12,653.50Fitness equipmentPrime SourceBest Value
000000542906-17-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 1,886.42Notebook computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000544006-16-16Paraytec Ltd$ 20,000.00Laboratory and scientific equipmentPrime SourceMeets Unique Specifications
000000544906-16-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 1,887.17Tablet computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000545406-14-16BACH COMPANY$ 929.00Calculating machines and accessoriesPrime SourceBest Value
000000545606-17-1609-01-1608-31-17ULTRAPURE & INDUSTRIAL SERVICE LLC$ 3,911.00Water treatment consumablesPrime SourceBest Value
000000545806-14-16APPLE INC$ 1,314.00Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000546706-16-16ORACLE AMERICA INC$ 22,560.00Computer servicesSole SourceEmergency Purchase
000000546806-16-16CONVERGINT TECHNOLOGIES LLC$ 13,026.45Communications Devices and AccessoriesPrime SourceBest Value
000000547206-14-16DIPERT TRAVEL & TRANSPORTATION LTD$ 4,356.00Passenger road transportationPrime SourceBest Value
000000547406-16-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 1,699.97Computer Equipment and AccessoriesPrime SourceBest Value
000000547506-15-16HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY$ 4,712.00Printer and facsimile and photocopier suppliesPrime SourceBest Value
000000547706-13-16FACILITECH INC$ 94,171.16FurnitureGroup PurchaseE&I
000000548006-16-16TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc.$ 65,132.00Power generationSole SourceContractor/Grantor Requirement
000000548406-13-16Clint Hopkins dba Hopkins Painting$ 4,100.00Painting and paper hanging servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000548506-15-16F K S INC$ 12,787.60Washing and drying equipmentPrime SourceBest Value
000000548606-16-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 1,887.17Tablet computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000548806-13-16INTELLIGENT INTERIORS INC$ 9,638.80Office furniturePrime SourceBest Value
000000548906-13-16Richard Jinks Inc$ 412.50Live plants of low species or variety count flowersPrime SourceBest Value
000000549206-16-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 1,069.61Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000549406-16-16APPLE INC$ 3,430.00Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000549506-17-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 1,239.94Notebook computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000550006-14-16SIMDA SERVICE CORPORATION$ 12,149.03Signage and accessoriesPrime SourceBest Value
000000550406-17-16Horton Controls Group LLC$ 750.00Electronic hardware and component parts and accessoriesPrime SourceBest Value
000000550506-17-16SCHOOL OUTFITTERS$ 5,859.27General classroom furnishingsPrime SourceBest Value
000000550606-16-1606-16-1608-31-16FRESH KOTE PAINTING & REMODELING$ 54,575.00Painting and paper hanging servicesOther TypesBest Value
000000550706-16-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 1,034.00Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000550806-16-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 2,511.98Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000551006-17-16APPLE INC$ 2,664.00Notebook computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000551206-15-163- C Technology LLC$ 7,587.00CamerasPrime SourceBest Value
000000551406-17-16GlobalGoals, Inc.$ 7,000.00Marketing and distributionPrime SourceBest Value
000000551806-16-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 1,108.47Notebook computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000552206-16-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 3,566.37Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000552906-16-16PRESTIGE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS INC$ 4,305.00Reproduction servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000553006-17-16North Texas Pressure Vessels, Inc.$ 807.00Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing EquipmentPrime SourceBest Value
000000553206-16-16WINSTON WATER COOLER OF FORT WORTH LTD$ 5,100.00Heating and ventilation and air circulationPrime SourceBest Value
000000553806-16-16Empatica Srl$ 3,821.66Freight FeesPrime SourceBest Value
000000554306-17-16Concrete Cutters Inc$ 5,860.00Concrete installation and repair servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000554406-17-16CONTRACT LOGIX LLC$ 3,150.00Business function specific softwarePrime SourceBest Value
000000504506-22-16INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT & MFG$ 92,550.00Containers and storageSole SourceMeets Unique Specifications
000000514206-22-16MOSAIC FAMILY SERVICES INC$ 1,600.00Educational facilitiesPrime SourceBest Value
000000518306-20-16ESIX SPORTSWEAR INC$ 4,999.50ClothingPrime SourceBest Value
000000520606-24-1608-15-1608-14-17Creative Bus Sales, Inc$ 77,232.00Passenger road transportationCompetitiveCompetitively Bid
000000520706-24-16Creative Bus Sales, Inc$ 205,883.70Passenger motor vehiclesCompetitiveCompetitively Bid
000000524606-21-1609-01-1608-31-17CITY OF ARLINGTON$ 44,000.00FuelsOther TypesBest Value
000000526706-21-16MICROSOFT CORPORATION$ 450.00Tablet computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000531206-21-1609-01-1608-31-17FLOOR MART INC$ 85,000.00Floor laying servicesOther TypesBest Value
000000531906-22-1606-01-1605-31-17Reporting Systems, Inc$ 35,000.00Industry specific softwareSole SourceBest Value
000000535206-21-1609-01-1608-31-17COMPLETE SUPPLY INC$ 34,656.00Restroom suppliesOther TypesBest Value
000000538106-21-1609-01-1608-31-17PVS MINIBULK INC$ 15,032.25Inorganic compoundsOther TypesBlanket Order
000000540506-21-1609-01-1608-31-17LUIS M ROSILES$ 56,000.00Coating & caulking & weather water & fireproofing servicesOther TypesBest Value
000000541606-21-1609-01-1608-31-17S & H LONE STAR ELECTRIC INC$ 215,000.00Electrical system servicesOther TypesBest Value
000000544606-24-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 28,612.94Notebook computersGroup PurchaseUT System Alliance
000000546206-21-16FORD AUDIO-VIDEO SYSTEMS INC$ 18,775.86Projectors and suppliesGroup PurchaseUT System Alliance
000000546406-24-1607-01-1606-30-17Fire Engine RED Inc$ 5,000.00Industry specific softwarePrime SourceBest Value
000000547006-23-16Rustic Fence$ 6,141.00Specialty building and trades servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000547806-21-16BKM TOTAL OFFICE OF TEXAS LLC$ 4,157.74Desking systemsPrime SourceBest Value
000000549006-24-16FACILITECH INC$ 34,652.71Office furnitureGroup PurchaseTXMAS
000000549106-24-16BKM TOTAL OFFICE OF TEXAS LLC$ 46,773.58Office furnitureGroup PurchaseTXMAS
000000549906-21-16CRAWFORD ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY INC$ 9,523.43Pipe piping and pipe fittingsPrime SourceBest Value
000000550106-24-16INTELLIGENT INTERIORS INC$ 151,064.64Office furnitureGroup PurchaseTXMAS
000000550206-21-16APPLE INC$ 573.00Tablet computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000550306-24-16APPLE INC$ 7,356.00Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000550906-24-16ATCOR MEDICAL INC$ 24,634.00Intravenous or arterial flow measurement and regulation prodSole SourceBest Value
000000551106-20-16BARON INSIGNIAS LTD$ 7,850.00Timepieces and Jewelry and Gemstone ProductsPrime SourceBest Value
000000551606-24-16INTELLIGENT INTERIORS INC$ 18,756.87Office furnitureGroup PurchaseTXMAS
000000552106-21-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 1,265.97Notebook computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000552306-21-16APPLE INC$ 3,725.00Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000552406-20-16Austin Ribbon & Computer Supplies.Inc$ 40,828.00Human resources servicesGroup PurchaseDIR
000000552506-20-16APPLE INC$ 10,135.00Notebook computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000552606-24-16EST GROUP LLC$ 70,363.22Security and protection softwareCompetitiveCompetitively Bid
000000553506-21-16APPLE INC$ 2,464.00Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000553606-21-1608-19-1608-18-17SCANTRON CORPORATION$ 9,303.00Computer servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000554606-24-16TODAY'S BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LLC$ 7,072.00Office suppliesPrime SourceBest Value
000000554706-20-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 1,612.17Tablet computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000554806-21-16TELEDYNE LECROY INC$ 14,517.20Measuring and observing and testing instrumentsPrime SourceBest Value
000000554906-22-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 4,236.30Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000555006-20-16APPLE INC$ 1,061.00Notebook computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000555206-21-16APPLE INC$ 8,803.00Tablet computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000555406-22-16Cosmec, Inc dba Dynamic Rubber$ 2,800.00HardwarePrime SourceBest Value
000000556306-22-1607-01-1608-31-16GOODWILL INDUSTRIES OF FORT WORTH$ 8,733.60Human resources servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000556406-22-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 1,041.62Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000556506-22-16APPLE INC$ 239.97Business function specific softwarePrime SourceBest Value
000000556606-22-16APPLE INC$ 2,664.00Notebook computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000556906-22-16ONCOR ELECTRIC DELIVERY COMPANY LLC$ 3,578.64Electrical system servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000557006-22-16APPLE INC$ 11,588.00Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000557106-22-16APPLE INC$ 1,130.00Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000557306-24-16VARSITY SPIRIT CORPORATION$ 7,392.82ClothingPrime SourceBest Value
000000557406-24-16Frank J. Conner$ 9,325.00Building maintenance and repair servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000557506-21-16NexTech Systems, Inc.$ 8,574.44Traffic controlPrime SourceBest Value
000000557606-22-16ITW FOOD EQUIPMENT GROUP LLC$ 6,220.32Institutional food services equipmentPrime SourceBest Value
000000557706-23-1608-16-1608-31-17Ichor Solutions$ 99.00Machine installation and maintenance and repair servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000558506-24-16INTELLIGENT INTERIORS INC$ 255,255.16Office furnitureGroup PurchasePremier GPO
000000558706-24-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 5,943.95Notebook computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000558906-24-16APPLE INC$ 5,991.00Notebook computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000559406-23-16COLOR INNOVATIONS PAINTING LLC$ 11,686.00Panel and paint servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000561006-24-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 24,807.30Desktop computersGroup PurchaseUT System Alliance
000000503106-06-1606-06-1606-05-17ResolutionsTech Inc.$ 35,000.00Marketing and distributionSole SourceBest Value
000000504106-06-16BIO-RAD LABORATORIES INC$ 114,351.55Laboratory and scientific equipmentSole SourceMeets Unique Specifications
000000504906-10-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 2,083.24Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000506806-10-16COHERENT INC$ 31,340.00LasersCompetitiveBest Value
000000507706-07-1606-01-1605-31-17HYDROWORX INTERNATIONAL INC$ 13,500.00Facility maintenance and repair servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000513906-09-16MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS INC$ 37,214.00Communications Devices and AccessoriesCompetitiveCompetitively Bid
000000514106-07-16OLYMPUS SCIENTIFIC SOLUTIONS AMERICAS$ 56,736.82Laboratory and scientific equipmentOther TypesState - Other
000000519106-07-16WELD-DONE CONSTRUCTION LTD$ 30,000.00Building maintenance and repair servicesCompetitiveBest Value
000000520006-09-16Allentown, Inc.$ 102,594.00Animal laboratory equipment and accessoriesSole SourceMeets Unique Specifications
000000521006-07-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 7,774.24Notebook computersGroup PurchaseUT System Alliance
000000521406-10-16PARR INSTRUMENT COMPANY$ 28,250.00Measuring and observing and testing instrumentsCompetitiveCompetitively Bid
000000521706-07-16APPLE INC$ 2,865.00Tablet computersPrime SourceDIR
000000522306-07-16THORLABS INC$ 1,980.53Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing EquipmentPrime SourceBest Value
000000523406-07-16MTS SYSTEMS$ 40,597.80Laboratory and scientific equipmentSole SourceBest Value
000000524206-10-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 2,479.88Notebook computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000525106-07-16SHIMADZU SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS INC$ 50,387.70Laboratory and scientific equipmentGroup PurchaseTXMAS
000000525506-07-16AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC$ 4,548.00Machine installation and maintenance and repair servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000526006-06-16ANIXTER INC$ 15,497.10Computer serversCompetitiveDIR
000000526506-07-16OptiGrate Corporation$ 10,047.50Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing EquipmentPrime SourceBest Value
000000527406-07-16ADINSTRUMENTS$ 14,555.00Laboratory and scientific equipmentPrime SourceBest Value
000000527506-09-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 1,422.44Notebook computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000528206-09-16MARY SPENCER COMPANY$ 5,081.04Freestanding furniturePrime SourceBest Value
000000528406-08-16ACEWARE SYSTEMS INC$ 5,892.00Data management and query softwarePrime SourceBest Value
000000528606-08-16Precision Biometrics Inc. dba MyoVision$ 9,240.50Educational or reference softwarePrime SourceBest Value
000000529006-07-16RICOH USA INC$ 7,967.00Classroom, instructional, institutional furniture & fixturesPrime SourceBest Value
000000529306-07-16DBA: MLC-CAD SYSTEMS$ 7,578.00Industry specific softwarePrime SourceBest Value
000000530206-09-1609-01-1608-31-17TEXAS LOCK & DOOR CLOSER INC$ 100,209.71Doors and windows and glassOther TypesBest Value
000000530706-07-16APPLE INC$ 1,186.00Notebook computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000532406-10-16GLOBALSTAR USA LLC$ 2,465.22Telecommunications media servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000534006-06-16BETHANY & YATES PLLC$ 150.00Human resources servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000534406-08-16GT DISTRIBUTORS$ 3,856.80Personal safety devices or weaponsPrime SourceBest Value
000000534806-08-16DIPERT TRAVEL & TRANSPORTATION LTD$ 2,277.00Passenger road transportationPrime SourceBest Value
000000534906-08-16DIPERT TRAVEL & TRANSPORTATION LTD$ 759.00Passenger road transportationPrime SourceBest Value
000000535506-10-1609-01-1608-31-17CENTRAL POLY BAG CORPORATION$ 53,900.00Waste containers and accessoriesOther TypesBlanket Order
000000535706-09-16APPLE INC$ 578.00Tablet computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000535906-08-16Justin Ginsberg Studios LLC$ 187.50Collectibles and awardsPrime SourceBest Value
000000536006-06-1609-01-1608-31-17SEATING SPECIALISTS LLC$ 29,999.00Auditorium, stadium, special use seating parts & accessoriesOther TypesBlanket Order
000000536406-09-1609-01-1608-31-17CARPET SERVICES INC$ 498,600.00Floor laying servicesOther TypesBlanket Order
000000536506-09-16APPLE INC$ 42,480.00Desktop computersGroup PurchaseDIR
000000537006-07-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 6,985.25Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000537906-10-1609-01-1608-31-17S D W ENTERPRISES INCORPORATED$ 37,000.00Vehicle maintenance and repair servicesOther TypesBest Value
000000538006-07-16HILLQUIST INC$ 6,900.00Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing EquipmentPrime SourceBest Value
000000540006-07-16APPLE INC$ 5,770.00Tablet computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000540306-09-1609-01-1608-31-17WORKERS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM INC$ 39,500.04Human resources servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000540606-07-16APPLE INC$ 35,244.00Desktop computersPrime SourceBest Value
000000540906-10-1609-01-1608-31-17PR NEWSWIRE ASSOCIATION LLC$ 8,895.00Information servicesPrime SourceBest Value
000000541106-07-16COKER ENGINEERING LLC$ 95,000.00Professional engineering servicesOther TypesBest Value
000000541906-10-1609-01-1608-31-17NEMA 3 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS INC$ 25,000.00Electrical system servicesOther TypesBest Value
000000542206-09-1609-01-1608-31-17IDEAL PEST CONTROL LLC$ 117,092.00Pest controlOther TypesBest Value
000000542806-06-1606-03-1606-02-17QUALTRICS LLC$ 4,000.00Data management and query softwarePrime SourceBest Value
000000543406-09-1609-01-1608-31-17CANTWELL POWER SOLUTIONS LLC$ 49,712.71Building maintenance and repair servicesOther TypesBlanket Order
000000544206-06-16DIPERT TRAVEL & TRANSPORTATION LTD$ 1,062.60Passenger road transportationPrime SourceBest Value
000000544306-07-16Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company$ 4,100.00Vocational trainingPrime SourceBest Value
000000545006-09-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 3,223.18Notebook computersGroup PurchaseUT System Alliance
000000545206-09-16APPLE INC$ 1,528.00Consumer electronicsGroup PurchaseDIR
000000545306-09-16MITY-LITE INC$ 41,017.65General classroom furnishingsGroup PurchaseE&I
000000545506-10-16BKM TOTAL OFFICE OF TEXAS LLC$ 7,447.97Workstations and office packagesPrime SourceBest Value
000000545906-08-16SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC$ 23,927.36Desktop computersGroup PurchaseUT System Alliance
000000546106-08-16THOMAS REPROGRAPHICS INC$ 4,490.00FurniturePrime SourceBest Value
000000546306-09-16DIPERT TRAVEL & TRANSPORTATION LTD$ 3,036.00Passenger road transportationOther TypesBest Value
000000547106-10-1609-01-1608-31-17THE BRANDT COMPANIES, LLC$ 20,000.00Boiler and furnace construction and maintenance servicesOther TypesBest Value
000000547306-10-16PAVEMENT SERVICES CORPORATION$ 14,925.00Parking fac. const. & equip. install. & maint. & repair svc.Prime SourceBest Value
000000547606-10-16WRG LLC$ 5,130.84Freestanding furniturePrime SourceBest Value
000000548306-10-16GLOBAL DIRECT SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS$ 30.00Phone and video conference equip. and HW and controllersPrime SourceBest Value
0000004856 6/30/16 Austin Ribbon & Computer Supplies.Inc $1,239.94 Notebook computers Prime Source Best Value
0000005144 6/30/16 7/1/16 6/30/17 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP $25,421.40 Business function specific software Competitive Best Value
0000005188 6/27/16 KNIGHT SECURITY SYSTEMS LLC $3,850.00 Security and control equipment Prime Source Best Value
0000005225 6/29/16 Finapres Medical Systems B.V. $35,595.00 Patient exam and monitoring products Sole Source Meets Unique Specifications
0000005239 7/1/16 MOSAIC FAMILY SERVICES INC $8,500.00 Educational facilities Prime Source Best Value
0000005279 6/30/16 6/13/16 6/30/17 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP $29,230.00 Network applications software Competitive Competitively Bid
0000005325 6/30/16 9/1/16 8/31/17 MC2 ENERGY MANAGEMENT INC $240,186.00 Security and personal safety Other Types Best Value
0000005332 6/30/16 FORD AUDIO-VIDEO SYSTEMS INC $63,536.00 Audio and visual presentation and composing equipment Group Purchase UT System Alliance
0000005390 6/28/16 APPLE INC $918.00 Desktop computers Prime Source Best Value
0000005425 6/29/16 9/1/16 8/31/17 GRATE 1 INSULATION SERVICE CO LLC $138,750.00 Acoustical and insulation services Other Types Best Value
0000005436 6/29/16 9/1/16 8/31/17 LANE PRESS INC, THE $126,445.20 Reproduction services Other Types Best Value
0000005451 6/27/16 APPLE INC $638.00 Tablet computers Prime Source Best Value
0000005481 6/29/16 6/1/16 8/31/16 JOHNSON CONTROLS INC $13,985.00 Heating & cooling & A/C HVAC construction & maint. svcs. Prime Source Best Value
0000005493 6/27/16 6/6/16 8/31/16 ROBERT HALF $14,407.20 Accounting and bookkeeping services Prime Source Best Value
0000005527 6/27/16 SIMPLEXGRINNELL LP $14,079.86 Building maintenance and repair services Prime Source Best Value
0000005533 6/27/16 INTELLIGENT INTERIORS INC $33,339.97 Office furniture Group Purchase TXMAS
0000005548 7/1/16 TELEDYNE LECROY INC $14,541.77 Measuring and observing and testing instruments Prime Source Best Value
0000005557 6/29/16 ELSEVIER INC $35,460.00 Developmental & professional teaching aids & materials Sole Source Meets Unique Specifications
0000005562 6/30/16 GE Healthcare $18,900.00 Medical diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine products Sole Source Best Value
0000005572 6/28/16 MMW Fabrication, Ltd. $5,763.00 Laboratory and scientific equipment Prime Source Best Value
0000005579 6/27/16 GT DISTRIBUTORS $4,431.05 Law enforcement Prime Source Best Value
0000005580 6/27/16 APPLE INC $1,543.00 Notebook computers Prime Source Best Value
0000005590 6/27/16 LANE PRESS INC, THE $10,610.55 Reproduction services Prime Source Best Value
0000005592 6/28/16 DENISON CONSULTING LLC $14,999.95 Management advisory services Prime Source Best Value
0000005593 6/28/16 APPLE INC $4,418.00 Notebook computers Prime Source Best Value
0000005595 6/28/16 7/1/16 6/30/17 EXPERIAN MARKETING SOLUTIONS INC $13,926.95 Business function specific software Prime Source Best Value
0000005597 6/30/16 TASER INTERNATIONAL $26,512.18 Light weapons and ammunition Other Types State - Other
0000005598 6/28/16 APPLE INC $1,840.00 Notebook computers Prime Source Best Value
0000005604 6/28/16 SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC $847.26 Desktop computers Prime Source Best Value
0000005608 6/30/16 CLARIDGE PRODUCTS & EQUIPMENT INC $3,868.45 Boards Prime Source Best Value
0000005611 6/27/16 MARY SPENCER COMPANY $80,866.03 Office furniture Group Purchase Premier GPO
0000005612 6/29/16 GT DISTRIBUTORS $14,121.60 Personal safety devices or weapons Other Types Best Value
0000005613 7/1/16 Legal Files Software, Inc. $12,278.00 Business function specific software Prime Source Best Value
0000005615 6/27/16 SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC $13,308.56 Notebook computers Prime Source Best Value
0000005616 6/28/16 DIPERT TRAVEL & TRANSPORTATION LTD $834.90 Passenger road transportation Prime Source Best Value
0000005617 6/28/16 DIPERT TRAVEL & TRANSPORTATION LTD $379.50 Passenger road transportation Prime Source Best Value
0000005618 6/30/16 TRUMAN ARNOLD COMPANIES $12,208.59 Fuels Prime Source Best Value
0000005620 6/29/16 Tower Tech Services, Inc. $74,248.00 Heating & cooling & A/C HVAC construction & maint. svcs. Emergency Emergency Purchase
0000005623 6/27/16 SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC $1,484.00 Notebook computers Prime Source Best Value
0000005630 6/29/16 SUMMUS INDUSTRIES INC $1,188.79 Desktop computers Prime Source Best Value
0000005632 6/29/16 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY, THE $8,260.00 Paints and primers and finishes Prime Source Best Value
0000005634 6/30/16 APPLE INC $12,939.00 Desktop computers Prime Source Best Value
0000005635 6/29/16 KELLY-MOORE PAINT CO INC $10,558.80 Paints and primers and finishes Prime Source Best Value
0000005637 7/1/16 Vac-Tec, Inc. $5,906.89 Heavy equipment installation and maintenance services Prime Source Best Value
0000005648 6/30/16 BKM TOTAL OFFICE OF TEXAS LLC $14,035.50 Furniture and Furnishings Group Purchase TXMAS
0000005651 6/30/16 STRATASYS INC $140,164.00 Computer printers Sole Source Meets Unique Specifications
2016FM3504 6/27/16 DI SCIULLO-TERRY, STANTON & ASSOCIATES I $820.50 Parking fac. const. & equip. install. & maint. & repair svc. Competitive Competitively Bid
2016FM3506 6/27/16 AJI Labs LLC $2,550.00 Professional engineering services Competitive Competitively Bid
2016FM3510 6/30/16 CCS CUSTARD CONSTRUCTION SERVICES INC $22,320.20 Building maintenance and repair services Prime Source Best Value
2016IT0067 6/29/16 NOUVEAU TECHNOLOGY SERVICES LP $1,158.68 Datacom and network connectivity install. devices & equip. Prime Source Best Value