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Payment Card Services

Mission Statement

The purpose of the ProCard Purchasing Program is to establish a more cost effective and timely way to procure small dollar business related items in order to maintain and support the University’s mission to continue the advancement of knowledge and the pursuit of excellence.  Our goal is to provide accurate and courteous customer service in order to service the University community.

What is a ProCard?

Instead of issuing a purchase order number for transactions of $4000 and under, a ProCard is issued in the name of the purchaser. The ProCard is a purchasing card issued by Citibank similar to a credit card that the cardholder can use.  This allows the University’s small purchasing needs to be met quicker and at a lower processing cost.
The most important thing to remember is that a ProCard is a method of procurement and subject to policy guidelines.

Please email us at to submit your new ProCard applications.