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Uploading Sales Tax Exemption Certificate to collects sales tax on all online purchases made in Texas. As a state agency, The University of Texas at Arlington is exempt from sales tax. In order for purchases to qualify for the exemption, each Procurement card (Procard) holder must perform a one-time upload of the Texas Sales Tax Exemption Certificate at least one week prior to the departmental purchase to allow time for processing. Note: If a Procard is used with multiple accounts for university purchases, the Texas Sales Tax Exemption Certificate must be uploaded for each account.

To upload a Texas Sales Tax Exemption Certificate, complete the steps below:

  1. Download and save Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification for (Form BF-AS-F3).

  2. Go to

  3. Sign in using the Amazon account information (email address and password). The Amazon Tax Exemption Program page appears. Note: The account used for university Procard purchases cannot be identical to an account used for personal purchases. If separate accounts have not yet been created, the user must create an additional account before uploading the certificate.

  4. Click Browse.
    Browse for your desired file to upload.

  5. A File Upload dialog box opens. Select the location of the tax exempt certificate that was saved in Step 1 and click Open.

  6. Review the terms and conditions and mark the checkbox to confirm
    Accept the terms and conditions

  7. Click Upload.
    Click to upload file

  8. If the upload was successful, a dialog box opens with a successful upload message.
    Success confirmation message