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Spring 2018 - Description of Tuition, Fees and Charges

The Spring Term includes:

  • Winter Intersession
  • Regular Session

The official University Academic Calendar for each Session can be found here.  

Tuition and fees are charged by session and are subject to change by legislative or regental action and become effective on the date enacted. The Texas Legislature does not set the specific amount for any particular student fee. The student fees assessed below are authorized by state statute; however, the specific fee amounts and the determination to increase fees are made by the university administration and The University of Texas System Board of Regents.

Tuition, fees and charges are subject to change. Changes will be effective upon date of enactment.

Undergraduate students who enrolled under the fall 1999 or subsequent catalogs may be required to pay non-resident tuition rates when they exceed 45 hours more than is required for completion of the degree program for which the student is enrolled. A doctoral student may be required to pay non-resident tuition beginning the first long semester in which a) the student has been enrolled previously as a graduate student for 14 or more long semesters, AND b) the student has accumulated more than 99 semester credit hours of doctoral study at UT Arlington. Students exceeding both limits may not be eligible for assistantships supported by state funds.

 Tuition and Mandatory Fee Charts:

Undergraduate Resident    

Undergraduate Nonresident

Guaranteed 2014 Cohort Resident

Guaranteed 2014 Cohort Nonresident

Guaranteed 2015 Cohort Resident

Guaranteed 2015 Cohort Nonresident





Graduate Resident

Graduate Nonresident


Description of Tuition and Mandatory Fees:

Statutory Tuition: $50 per credit hour (TEC 54.051c).  Required

Designated Tuition: Varies (TEC 54.0513).  Required

Nonresident Statutory Increment:  $415 per credit hour (TEC 54.051d). Required

Nonresident Designated Tuition Increment: Varies (TEC 54.0513). Required

Graduate Tuition Differential (Board Authorized Tuition): $50 per credit hour (TEC 54.008).  Required

Graduate Program Enhancement Fee: $6 per credit hour.  To cover costs associated with recruiting, admitting, and retaining graduate students. (TEC 55.16).  Required

Computer/Technology Fee: $34.38 per credit hour/$515.70 maximum.  To cover costs of maintaining operations of student computing labs, university network operations, computer equipment upgrades and Center for Distance Education (TEC 54.504). Required

ID Card Fee: $15 per term.  To defray costs of activating Student ID cards (TEC 55.16). Required

Intercollegiate Athletics Fee: $8.50 per credit hour/$115 maximum.  To fund intercollegiate athletics (TEC 54.5121). Required

International Education Fee: $1 per term.  Fees collected under this section shall be deposited in the international education financial aid fund to be used only to assist students participating in international student exchange or study programs (TEC 54.5132). Required

Library Services Fee: $15 per credit hour/$315 maximum.  To cover handling costs associated with computer searches, processing lost items, and costs of other Library operations (TEC 54.504). Required

Medical Services Fee: $54.45 per term.  To provide medical services to students (TEC 54.50891). Required

Recreational Facilities Fee: $75 per term.  To maintain recreational facilities and or to operate recreational programs at the university (TEC 54.5122).  Required

Registration Fee: $5 per term.  To cover costs of registration systems. (TEC 55.16). Required

Shuttle Bus Fee: $10 per term. To support and expand current bus routes and contribute toward maintenance and operating expenses of the Shuttle Bus Program (TEC 54.512). Required 

Student Services Fee: $12.20 per credit hour/$150 maximum.  To cover the activities that directly involve or benefit students such as recreational activities, student government and organizations and student publications (TEC 54.503). Required

Student Union Fee: $39 per term.  To cover costs associated with maintaining and improving the Student Union Building and its programs (TEC 54.529). Required

Enhanced Designated Tuition: Varies per credit hour  (TEC 54.0513). Required

Enhanced Designated TuitionGraduateUndergraduate
College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs $16.00 $10.00
College of Business $51.00 $17.00
College of Education $11.00 $8.00
College of Engineering $31.00 $19.00
College of Liberal Arts $11.00 $9.00
Visual & Performing Arts $24.00 $21.00
College of Nursing $96.00 $22.00
College of Science $16.00 $11.00
School of Social Work $16.00 $10.00
University College N/A $10.00

Specific and Voluntary Fees: 

The tuition and fee rates shown above do not include charges for parking, course fees charged for field trips,  private music instruction, class fees for distance education or other specific / voluntary fees and charges.  The following fees may apply:

Alternative TASP Remedial Fee: $75.00.  For students who fail the TASP exam in a particular area but do not need course-based remediation (TEC 54.504). Specific

Audit Fee: Charged to defray administrative costs incurred in registering non-credit participants in scheduled classes (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Non-Enrolled Students: $100.00 per course.  

UT Arlington Students: $20.00 per course.  

Campus and Community Involvement Records Fee: $5.00 for registration and 5 official copies; $2.00 for additional copies.  To defray costs of establishing and maintaining a student Campus and Community Involvement Record (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Career Services Fee: $25.00 for 10 files, $1.00 each additional file.  To defray costs of placement registration, materials, software and software license fees and services (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Catalog Fee: $3.00 per catalog ($6.00 if mailed).  To defray costs of printing and mailing catalogs (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Check Cashing Fee: $0.25 per check or 1% of check amount (whichever is greater).  To defray costs associated with providing check cashing (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Clinical Experience Fee: $250.00 per student per clinical field experience. To defray the cost associated with administering a field-based clinical in educator preparation certification programs (TEC 54.504). Specific

Credit by Examination Fee: $20.00-$100.00 per course.  To defray costs of course materials and costs associated with administering and scoring tests (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Delinquent Accounts Receivable Fee (Late Fee): $25.00 per month on delinquent accounts.  To defray operation costs associated with billing and collecting student accounts receivables (TEC 54.504). Specific

Diploma Mailing Fees (Undergraduate): $8.00 - $45.00 (TEC54.504) Specific

Distance Learning Fees: To defray costs of providing distance learning courses as defined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. (TEC 54.504) Specific

Distance Learning Courses: $20.00-$500.00 per course.  

Engineering Internet Fee: $75.00 per credit hour.  To defray costs of producing and offering Engineering internet courses. 

UT Online Consortium (UTOC) Fees: $75.00-$213.50 per course. To defray costs of courses offered through the UT Online Consortium program.

Video Tape Fee: $142.00 per credit hour.  To defray costs of video tape delivery of graduate Engineering courses.

Duplicate Diploma Fee (Graduate/Undergraduate): $20.00 per duplicate.  To defray costs of duplicate diploma and diploma cover (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

EDUC Practice Exam Fee: To defray costs associated with the administration of the ExCET/TExES practice exams for SBEC principal and superintendent certification (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Non-UT Arlington Students: $25.00 per exam.  

UT Arlington Students: $10.00 per exam.  

Enrollment Certification Fee: $10.00.  To defray costs associated with manual completion of enrollment certifications for students who choose not to use the free on-line service (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Enrollment Loan Origination Fee: $40.00.  To defray costs associated with providing enrollment loans (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Field Trip Fee: Varies based on actual cost.  To defray transportation and related costs associated with course-related field trips (TEC 54.504). Specific

Graduate Applicant Admission Deferral Fee - International Student: $60.00 per applicant.  To defray costs of processing international applicant deferrals (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Graduate Applicant Admission Deferral Fee - US Student: $30.00 per applicant.  To defray administrative costs of processing US applicant deferrals (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Graduate Application Fee-US Citizens: $40.00 per applicant.  To defray costs associated with recruiting, admitting, and retaining graduate students. (TEC 54.504) Voluntary

Graduate Readmission Fee - International Student: $60.00 per applicant. To defray administrative costs of processing international student readmissions (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Graduate Readmission Fee - US Student: $30.00 per applicant. To defray administrative costs of processing US student readmissions (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Graduation Fee (Graduate/Undergraduate): $40.00 per application.  To defray costs of diploma, diploma cover, and other costs (TEC 54.504). Specific

Late Application (Graduate and Undergraduate): $60.00 per late application (TEC 54.504). Specific

Graduation Fees for Doctoral and Master's Candidates: (TEC 54.504) Specific and Voluntary

Dissertation and Thesis Charges: Actual cost.

Binding: Up to $30.00  -  $30.00 maximum. 

Copyright Registration (optional): $45.00  -  $75.00 maximum.  

Mailing: $8.00 - $45.00

Microfilming (Dissertation): $55.00  -  $100.00 maximum. 

Microfilming (Thesis): $45.00  -  $75.00 maximum.

Personal Copies (optional): $6.50 

In Absentia: $15.00.  To defray administrative costs of processing graduation applications for students who are not currently enrolled.

ID Card Replacement Fee: $15.00 per replacement.  To defray administrative costs of reissuing student ID cards (TEC 55.16). Specific

International Student Application Fee: 

International Graduate: $90.00. To defray costs associated with recruiting, admitting, and retaining graduate students (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

International Undergraduate: $50.00. To defray costs associated with recruiting, processing and retaining undergraduates (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

International Student Health Insurance Fee: Variable - to match premium for approved U.T. System student insurance plan.  To defray costs of mandatory insurance for international students holding non-immigrant visas and living in the United States (TEC 54.504). Specific

International Student Services Fee: $115.00 per term.  To defray costs of managing international student's records and services.  Required

Installment Plan Fee: $20.00 per Installment Pay Plan.  To defray administrative costs of providing a deferred payment plan (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Late Registration Activity Fee: $25.00 per session.  To defray costs of continuing to process registration activity beginning on the first class day through the census date. (TEC 54.504). Specific

Library Fees: Varies.  To defray handling costs associated with computer searches, processing lost items, and items returned after the due date and costs of other Library operations (TEC 54.504). Specific and Voluntary

Inter-Library Loan Late Fee: $2.00 per day  -  $50.00 maximum.

Lost or Damaged Items: $35.00 processing fee plus any fines accrued and actual cost of item.

Optional Personal Bind Fees for Graduate Students: $26 - $50 per copy if mailed in US; $33.50 per copy if mailed to Canada or Mexico; $43.50 per copy if mailed to other international countries; optional CD/DVD pocket $3 each

Overdue Fees:

Equipment: $12.00 per credit hour - $60.00 maximum. 

Recalled Items: $2.00 per day - $50.00 maximum.

Regular Check-Out: $0.25 per day - $25.00 maximum. 

Reserve Items: $1.20 per credit hour - $50.00 maximum.  

Preservation on Photo Print Orders: $5.00 per print.

Special Collections Fee: $10.00 first image; $3.00 each additional image.

Special Collections Photocopy Fee: $0.15 per image for books and bound materials; $0.25 per image for manuscripts; $0.35 per image for clippings.

Reading Resources Room Overdue Charge: $0.25 per day.  

Sound Recording Reproduction - Current Student: $15.00 per CD.  

Sound Recording Reproduction - Former Students & Public: $20.00 per CD.  

Locker Rental Fee: $3.00-$25.00.  To defray administrative lock and key costs (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Music Fee: $2.00 - $150.00 per course when individual coaching or instruction is the usual method of instruction (TEC 54.051 [l]). Specific

Orientation Fee-Undergraduate: $120.00 per student.  To enhance the level of service and provide better orientation experience for new students by supporting new programs, guest speakers and increased dining costs (TEC 54.504). Specific

Walk In Fee:  $25.00 (TEC 54.504). Specific

Date Change Fee:  $20.00 (TEC 54.504). Specific

Guest Fee: $35.00.  To defray costs of materials for parents at the orientation program (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Overnight Fee: $40.00.  To defray costs of providing housing for students staying overnight on campus for orientation (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Plotter Use Charge: $30.00 per term.  To defray costs of supplies and materials needed by students for plotting ARCH projects (TEC 55.16). Specific

Post Census Registration Activity Fee: $250.00 per session.  To defray costs associated with continuing to process registration activity after the census date. (TEC 54.504). Specific

Residence Hall Lockout Fee: To defray the cost of providing temporary room keys and access cards: 1st and 2nd times free; 3rd time $5.00; 4th time $10.00; 5th time $15.00; 6th time $20.00; 7th and subsequent times $25.00 each (TEC 54.504). Specific

Returned Check Fee: $25.00 per returned check.  To defray administrative costs for reprocessing or collecting checks written on insufficient funds (TEC 54.504 / 55.16). Specific

Sponsored Student Fee: $200.00 per term.  To defray costs associated with international sponsored student advising, registration and monitoring (TEC 54.504). Specific

Study Abroad Application Fee: $75.00 (TEC 54.504) Specific

TEA Technology Fee: $55.00 per new Education Certification student. To defray technology cost for educator preparation certification programs (TEC 54.504). Specific

Teacher Certification Deficiency Plan Fee: To defray costs associated with the preparation and issuance of the plans (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Non-UT Arlington Graduate: $35.00 per plan. 

UT Arlington Graduate: $25.00 per plan.  

Test Fees: $5.00-$125.00.  To defray costs associated with administering and scoring institutional/academic tests (TEC 54.504). Specific

Transcript Fees: $10.00.  To defray the costs associated with providing transcript services (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Transcript Rush Fee: $10.00.  To defray costs of providing an on-demand transcript service (TEC 54.504). Voluntary

Undergraduate Application Fee: $60.00 per application.  To defray costs associated with recruiting, processing and retaining undergraduates (TEC 54.504). Specific

Did You Know?

  • There is no Installment Plan for the summer sessions. Tuition must be paid in full by the summer session payment dates. Students can get an enrollment loan at the Student Accounts that will secure their tuition for the full summer term.
  • Students need to be sure they have signed a new Master Promissory Note and/or complete entrance counseling with the U.S. Department of Education if they plan to receive a loan for the 2014-2015 school year. The process can be done at
  • Financial aid is normally posted to student accounts 10 business days before the first day of class. Refunds are within 10 business days after any credit from financial aid appears on the student account.
  • Direct deposit is the safest and most efficient method for students to receive their refunds. This process can be setup by logging onto the student service center.
  • Texas Tomorrow students can setup their accounts to be paid for each long session in the fall and spring by taking their Texas Tomorrow card and student ID to Student Accounts and signing the Texas Tomorrow document. This process will be in place for 4 years.
  • Refund checks are either mailed or sent by direct deposit. Checks are not available for pick up at Student Accounts. Direct deposit is the preferred refund method and can be setup by logging onto the student service center.
  • Federal law requires that students sign a release of information before Student Accounts personnel can discuss a student account with a parent. The document is available in Student Accounts on the first floor of Davis Hall, Room 130.
  • Students who need help finding a job of campus can go to and register in the Snap Job System. New users of the system will have to register and provide information including their 10 digit student account number.
  • The UTA Health Center provides timely and inexpensive healthcare for students and faculty. The Center is open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am to 1 pm on Saturday during the long terms. Appointments call 817-272-2771.
  • Students can print their own enrollment verification on-line. Log into MyMav and click on the Enrollment Verification Certificate to access the National Student Loan Clearing House (NLSC) website.
  • NCAA athletics are an exciting and inexpensive form of entertainment that is available to all students. From volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter and softball, baseball and track in the spring, students with a UTA ID can attend all sporting events by just showing their UTA ID.

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