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Deaf or Blind

General Information

  • Waives tuition and fees for courses student is enrolled in except those for Property Deposit, lodging, board, or clothing. Required certification must be presented to the Office of Student Accounts. If a parking decal is needed, the certification must also be presented to the UTA Parking Office.

Eligibility: See Texas Education Code SECTION 54.364 and 51.9095.

Required Documentation

  • Certificate of blind or deaf condition from Texas Rehabilitation Commission, Texas Commission for the Blind, or Texas Commission for the Deaf and Hearing impaired; written statement of purpose from student; student high school diploma or equivalent; letter of recommendation; proof of meeting institution admissions requirements.


  • Must meet requirements to be classified as a Texas resident.

Tuition, Fees and Charges


Authorizing Department(s)

  • Office of Student Accounts, Davis Hall

Legal Reference