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Dependents of Deceased Public Servants

General Information

  • Waives tuition, fees, and charges for surviving spouse of certain public employees killed in the line of duty. A surviving child is as defined in Section 615.001 (under 18 years of age at the time of the officer's death). Also provides for payment of books and housing.

Eligibility: See Texas Education Code SECTION 54.354 and 51.9095.

Required Documentation

  • Letter from official at police department where officer was employed at the time of death certifying eligibility and confirming death occurred in the line of duty.


  • Waiver may be used at institute of higher education until the student receives a bachelor's degree or 200 hours of course work, whichever occurs first.

Tuition, Fees and Charges

  • Usual tuition is charged at registration. Upon presentation of proper documentation to the Scholarship Office, the appropriate credit for tuition or tuition and mandatory fees is applied to the student's registration account as a scholarship.

Authorizing Department(s)

  • Scholarship Office

Legal Reference