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Hazlewood: Texas Ex-Servicemen and Service Women

General Information

  • Exempt from tuition, fees, and charges EXCEPT Student Services Fee, charges for lodging, board, clothing, parking, Property Deposit, and other voluntary and/or late fees and charges.

    Eligibility: See Texas Education Code SECTION 54.341 and 51.9095.

Required Documentation

  • Student must provide official documentation indicating eligibility (usually the DD214) plus documentation from Financial Aid regarding eligibility for Pell or SEOG.


  • Currently resides in Texas (unless the student received the exemption prior to fall 2011) Entered the service at a location in Texas Declared Texas as the person's home of record or would have been a resident of Texas under Subchapter B at the time of entry Served in U.S. armed forces in World War II, Korean Conflict, the Cold War, Vietnam, Grenada era, Lebanon, Panama, Persian Gulf, the national emergency related to 9/11/2001 Honorably discharged Not eligible for federal education benefits NOT TO EXCEED 150 CREDIT HOURS (assignment of unused hours to children under 25 years of age may be authorized by the veteran or following the death of an eligible veteran)

Tuition, Fees and Charges

  • Authorizes Hazelwood exemption

Authorizing Department(s)

  • VA Rep/Financial Aid Office

Legal Reference