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Budgeting Tool

This budget worksheet is designed to assist you with managing your finances. You will enter your total income and expenses for the future term.

To complete the Income Section you will need to refer to your Award Letter, bank statement and paycheck stub. Remember to enter the total amount for the future term for each entry. Please be as accurate as possible.

IncomeAmount Per Term
Money from Savings
(Funds from personal savings that you will use toward the term)
(Total earnings for the term. A typical term is about 16 weeks long.)
Hours Per Week:
Parent Contribution
(Or other family/friend contribution)
Financial Aid
(Loans, Scholarships, grants for the term)
Loan Amount: $
Scholarship/Grant: $
Total Income $
ExpensesAmount Per Term
Class Load:
These are rough estimates that do not include fees charged for specific classes.
If you know your actual tuition costs enter them to the right.
Please visit Tuition and Fee Estimator to get a better estimate.
Housing Option:
A deposit of $150 is required for residence hall contracts.
Please visit Residence Hall Rates and Features page for full details about residence hall options and meal plan/parking requirements.
Apartment Monthly Rent: $
Monthly Utilities Charges: $
A typical term is about 5 months of rent.
Please visit Apartment Rates and Features page for details about Apartment options offered by UT Arlington.
Meal Plan
Please visit Meal Plan Rates page for details about Meal Plan options offered by UT Arlington.
Required books can be looked up in the schedule of classes.
The suggested budget amount is $908/semester.
Parking Option:
Please visit Parking Permit Prices page for details about Campus Parking options around campus including the new College Park garage offered by UT Arlington.

Past Due Balance
Amounts owed from previous terms
Total Expense $
Additional Expenses
ExpensesAmount Per Term
Having a car on campus comes with expenses. Be sure to budget for oil changes.
Monthly Car Payment: $
Monthly Gas Expense: $
6 Month Insurance Premium: $
Registration ($52.75/year): $
Inspection ($39.75/yr): $
Misc Car/Repairs: $
Cell Phone
Monthly Cell Phone Bill: $
In addition to a meal plan and Dining Dollars, how much money is spent on groceries, fast food, vending machines, snacks, restaurants.
Weekly Food Expense: $
Going to the movies, buying songs on iTunes, concert, sporting events, etc.
Students can purchase a Maverick All-Sports Pass for admission to all home sports events and a get free T-shirt, too. The Sports Pass is $50.
Weekly Fun Expense: $
Credit Card Payment
Monthly Payments: $
Please list other expenses
Total Additional Expenses $
Combine TotalsAmount Per Term
Total Income
Total Expenses
Net Residual $

This worksheet is provided for budget planning purposes only and should not be used as a statement of the cost of attendance at the University.

© 2012 The University of Texas at Arlington