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Below are calculators to help you budget for specific goals. This is a great way to budget your finances and find ways to save money.

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Back to School BudgetingGive your children hands-on experience with this quick and easy Back-to-School Budget Calculator. The calculator will help you and your student consider all of your expenses, make necessary adjustments, and hit the stores armed with your pre-determined budget!

Emergency Fund - Prepare for the unexpected by saving three to six months of living expenses. An emergency fund should be easy to access in the event of unemployment, illness or a major unplanned expense. Use this calculator to see how much you need to put aside for your emergency fund.

Cost of Credit - If you don't pay off your credit card balance every month, the interest assessed on your account means you may be paying more for the items you purchase than you expect. And if you spend beyond your means and add up considerable credit card debt, the extra money you pay in interest can be alarming!

How Much Will My Loan Cost? - When you're shopping for a loan, you should look not only at the monthly payment that you will be required to make on the loan, but also the total amount of interest you will pay on the loan. This calculator is a handy tool to help you compare loans.

How Will My Savings Grow? - Compound interest can have a dramatic effect on the growth of a series of regular savings and initial lump sum deposits. Use this calculator to determine the future value of your savings and lump sum.

Repaying Student Loans - Paying back student loans may not have been on the forefront of your mind when you went off to college. Now that you have graduated, outstanding student loans could impact your ability to qualify for home, auto and other personal loans. Use this calculator to help you understand the feasibility of paying off your debt with your anticipated future income.

Rework Your Budget - Knowing where your money goes is an eye-opening experience and an education in itself. This calculator will help you by tracking your expenses. Keep a log and jot down whatever you spend. In this way, you will be able to take control of your money and your current financial situation.

Retirement Fund - Make sure you have a big enough nest egg to retire!

Saving for a Goal - Having a tough time putting money aside for a new TV or that special trip? This calculator can help you determine how much to set aside on an ongoing basis in order to meet your goal.

Your Holiday Budget - How much money should you plan to set aside for this holiday season? Financial planners recommend spending no more than 1.5% of your annual income on holiday spending. This is a good guideline, however if you plan to spend more, you may need to dip into funds from other areas throughout the year.