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UT Share General Topics

DescriptionUPK Training Guides Job Aids Reference Materials
UT Share Fundamentals UPK Quick Ref Guide
Navigating Overview Training Guide
Log in to UT Share Job Aid
Recognizing Universal Navigation Elements Job Aid
Understanding the Menu Structure Job Aid
Personalize Your Homepage Job Aid
Perform a Portal Search Job Aid
Using Favorites Training Guide
Add Favorites Job Aid
Rename Favorites Job Aid
Delete Favorites Job Aid
Create Favorites Folder Job Aid
Add Favorites to Folder Job Aid
Using Keys and Search Pages Training Guide
Understanding Keys Job Aid
Using Basic Search Pages Job Aid
Using Advanced Search Pages Job Aid
Save Search Criteria Job Aid
Using Operators Job Aid
Using Wildcards Job Aid
Using the Find Feature Job Aid
Working with Pages Training Guide
Navigating Between Pages in a Component Job Aid
Recognizing Page Controls Job Aid
Understanding a Standard Grid Job Aid
Using a Tabbed Grid Job Aid
Using a Collapsed Grid Job Aid
UT Share ChartField Values Training Guide
View ChartField Values Job Aid
View GL Account Description Job Aid
View Department Description Job Aid
View Cost Center Description Job Aid
View Sponsored Project (Grant) Description Job Aid
View Capital Project (Plant Fund) Description Job Aid
Clear Your Browser’s Cache UPK
Web Browser Types Training Guide
Internet Explorer Job Aid
Mozilla (Firefox) Job Aid
Google Chrome Job Aid
Safari Job Aid
Using the User Productivity Kit (UPK) UPK
UPK Player Overview Training Guide
View the Outline and Concept Pane Job Aid
Perform a Search Job Aid
UPK System Requirements Job Aid
Playback Modes Training Guide
See It! Job Aid
Try It! Job Aid
Know It! Job Aid
Print It! Job Aid
Additional Playback Options Training Guide
Jump-in-Points Job Aid
Alternative Paths and Alternative Actions Job Aid
Decision Frames Job Aid
Actions Link Job Aid
UPK Player Preferences Job Aid

User Productivity Kit (UPK)

The User Productivity Kit, also known as UPK, is an online training tool that UTA employees will use to learn business processes. The UPK player allows you to view training content at your own pace and at a time that fits in your work schedule. The training content is delivered in an assortment of learning modes, called "Playback Modes". The simulation modes include three high quality, visual formats, which allow you to choose the mode most applicable to your individual learning style. The available playback modes are:

  • See It! – This mode allows you to learn by watching the topic. All of the required activities, such as moving the mouse and entering data, are completed automatically. You can pause, resume, and replay the training at any time.
  • Try It! – This mode is an interactive simulation that allows you to move through the steps. You will be prompted for mouse clicks and/or keystrokes to complete the task.
  • Know It! - This is an assessment mode that enables a user to test their knowledge. The user is instructed to complete a task, with little or no assistance, and is scored on how accurately they complete the steps.

Training Guide

The Training Guide contains step-by-step instructions and screenshots to help explain a business process.

Job Aid

The Job Aid contains concise step-by-step instructions, without screen shots, to help explain a business process.

Reference Materials

The Reference Materials section may consist of Quick Guides, Brochures or a PowerPoint presentation to help explain a business process.