College of Business Scholarships

New! UTA Alumni Association 2019 Scholarship Application — Complete application and instructions — Deadline: March 14, 2019


The College of Business offers a variety of scholarships made available from private donors, employers and professional associations. The scholarships are available to you through UTA's centralized scholarship portal, Mav ScholarShop.

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Please read all the information shown below
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Getting Started: 5 Easy Steps

  1. Log in using your UTA ID and password. You must be admitted to UTA or currently enrolled to access the system. Use your student ID, not your staff ID, if you are hired as a Student Assistant or GTA.

  2. Once you enter your general application, make sure your personal information (applicant record) is populated correctly. Your applicant record includes name, address, cumulative GPA and hours, major, and other detailed data. If you question any of the information, compare it to your MyMav. If you continue to have issues, please feel free to contact the UTA Scholarship Office at

  3. Based upon the general application and your applicant record, you will automatically be matched to potential scholarship opportunities. Being automatically matched does not mean that you match all the criteria necessary to be awarded the scholarship.

  4. Begin your search for College of Business scholarships using the search feature in Mav ScholarShop. You will be able to see if your general application matches the criteria of any College of Business scholarships.

  5. As you review the scholarships, please be aware of the following things:
    • Eligibility Requirements: This can include GPA, class standing, undergraduate or graduate status, major, whether or not you are an incoming freshmen, transfer student or current student, and so on.
    • Application Criteria: You may be asked to provide additional information such as a reference letter, resume, copy of transcript, essay, and so on.
    • Timeline: Know your application due dates, review dates and final awarding dates.

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Helpful Information:

  • The Auto-Match feature takes place behind the scenes. A list of scholarship applications that auto-match will be listed under your "applications" page. A match does not mean that you will receive an award. It also does not mean that you met ALL the qualifications to receive the award.

  • Recommended Opportunities, also known as "apply-to," are scholarships that require you to submit additional information to be considered. For example, you may be required to answer additional questions, submit a specific essay, or provide reference information. You must save and submit your general application (UTA General Application) first before being directed to recommended opportunities. Make sure you meet the requirements before applying.

  • Please do not submit references if you are not asked to do so and that are not where it can be available in Mav Scholarshop by the Awarding committee. By providing unnecessary documentation will NOT be reviewed by the committee and it wastes your references' time.

  • You can update the information in your applications at any time prior to the deadline(s). As information is updated in MyMav, it will be downloaded to Mav ScholarShop nightly.

  • Review process varies for most scholarships. You will be notified by an email to your UTA student account through Mav ScholarShop if you are selected for an award.

  • Applications:  Make sure you complete all questions asked of you on each application. You may keep the application in draft form until you are ready to submit. To submit your application, you must click the orange button labelled "Finish and Submit" which appears at the bottom of the page.

  • Browsers:  Use current versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox to access Mav ScholarShop.

  • Search Mav ScholarShop by typing in the words "College of Business" for best matches.

  • Time-outs:  During periods of inactivity while using Mav ScholarShop, you may be timed-out. Make sure you periodically save your inputted data by clicking on the button labelled "Save and Keep Editing."

  • Additional Scholarships may be found through the UTA Financial Aid website.

  • If You Have Questions about College of Business scholarships, feel free to contact the UTA Scholarship Office at

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