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Overnight Housing


The University of Texas at Arlington offers a variety of floor plans, rates, and amenities. Our residence halls provide participants the opportunity to experience residential life on a college campus. Each residence hall community features unique sizes, campus locations, and accommodations; one of our residence halls is sure to meet your needs. See the variety of amenities and community features each residence hall has to offer.

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Due to the current envoirnment, the University of Texas at Arlington has made the decision to not host overnight programs for youth during the summer 2021 camp season.  

Housing will be available to summer groups June 1st through August 1st. Limited housing is available in May, please inquire with us regarding additional details.


External Double Rate External Private Rate UTA Double Rate UTA Private Rate
Tier 1 Halls $34 $58 $26 $42
Tier 2 Halls $20 $30 $20 $30

All room rates are quoted per bedspace per night.

Tier 1 Halls: West Hall, Vandergriff Hall, Kalpana Chawla (KC) Hall, and Arlington Hall

Tier 2 Halls: Lipscomb Hall South

'Private Rate' is applied in instances where a room/suite with multiple beds is used as a single (i.e. counselor rooms, guests requesting to stay alone).

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All camps will be charged one of two possible administrative fees. UTA Guest Services will assign the administrative fee based on which option is less for the camp. 

Option 1 One time fee of $10 per person, including commuters
Option 2 5% of the entire conference final bill


If the requested facility or resource is available, a $50 minimum fee will be added to the final conference bill for each request made on the first day guests arrive to campus or later. 

RESIDENCE HALL POLICIES - Summer 2022 Policies Coming Early 2022

Staying on campus is an exciting experience.  While you are here we want to make sure you are aware of our policies.  These are designed to keep our guests happy and safe while maintaining our facilities and supporting our staff.

PARKING AND DINING MAP - Summer 2022 Map Coming Early 2022

 Find all of the approved parking lots for summer camps and the variety of dining options on campus.

dining map

Parking and Dining On Campus

UTA offers a wide variety of on campus dining options.  In addition, if you are coming to campus to drop off your camper or to stay on campus during a conference, check out the approved residence hall parking lots.