Business Continuity


Past unexpected events on the campus such as floods, fires, severe weather, and damaged server rooms resulted in departments relocating operations, halting services, or suffering permanent data loss.

Business continuity is our preparation for these and other unexpected disruptions to continue to provide our essential services with as little disruption as possible.

The mission of the University of Texas at Arlington’s Business Continuity Program is to establish and support an on-going contingency planning program to evaluate the impact of significant events that may adversely affect students, faculty, staff, and assets. The goals for successful business continuity planning are that each Vice President/Provost, Dean, Director, Department Chair, or Supervisor assumes responsibility for the operational continuity in their respective units.


As a leader for your department, determine who will coordinate the planning process for your department and contact to set up an introductory meeting. As a staff member, you have valuable insight into the operations of your department and in the future might serve on a planning team to assist with creating plans.
When thinking of critical functions, think of those functions most necessary for business operations to continue during and after a disaster. Depending on your role in your department, be sure to include upper management in these discussions to ensure all critical functions are listed in your continuity of operations plan.

• Identify a Planning Coordinator.

• Contact the Office of Emergency Management at to arrange an introductory meeting. After the meeting, you will be given access to the UT Arlington Ready Tool.

Once you have been given access, you can login to begin your plan.