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Plexiglass Screens

Plexiglass screens are intended for transactional locations where the potential of having visitors from outside the department exists.  General workplace environments where staff and faculty work adjacent to each other are intended to be addressed through CDC recommended social distancing, masks and hand washing.  In some cases, social distancing will require each department to come up with their own operational solutions including staggering office hours, working from home or re-assigning work locations.

Product Sizes

  • 25" wide x 35" high – with ‘pass-through’ at bottom of screen (shown below)
  • 35" wide x 35" high – with ‘pass-through’ at bottom of screen
  • 48" wide x 35" high – with ‘pass-through’ at bottom of screen
  • 48” wide x 48” high – with ‘pass-through’ at bottom of screen
  • Custom Screens – Please provide photos of the area

 Freestanding Screen


Delivery & Set-up of Screens

Once your request is reviewed and approved, Facilities Management will be in contact you with scheduling delivery or to schedule an appointment to pick up your screen(s) at the OFM COVID Supply Store located at 445 Spaniolo (formally Texadelphia).  Pick-ups are by appointment only.

How to Clean Your Plexiglass Screen


To submit a request for a screen click here