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UTA Policy on Tuberculosis

  • Students who have been exposed to a known tuberculosis (TB) source or are experiencing symptoms of the disease should consult a physician or UTA Health Services for a TB screening or chest x-ray as soon as possible. If a student has been exposed recently to TB, it is possible that a 90-day follow-up screening and/or chest x-ray may be recommended by a physician.
  • Students who live in UTA Housing should reside off campus until cleared by a physician. Students will be individually responsible for making arrangements with their instructors for class-related issues, and with UTA Housing for off-campus residence issues.


  • UTA Health Services in conjunction with the Environmental Health and Safety Office have implemented preparation and control protocols should anyone with TB present for treatment or should a case arise on campus.
  • UTA Health Services has coordinated with local and county healthcare officials and providers to assure that appropriate measures are implemented for treatment of individuals diagnosed with TB.
  • UTA Housing Office has developed an emergency plan of action for possible isolation or quarantine should anyone residing in University housing be diagnosed with TB.


  • The University recommends that students limit contact with known TB sources. Anyone suspecting they have been exposed to TB should consult a physician as soon as possible.
  • A student who has been exposed to a known TB source should not attend class, come to work, or attend a University event/function until diagnosis has been made and clearance given by a healthcare provider.


Nothing in this policy may be construed to impose liability upon the state, the State Department of Public Health, the County Health Departments, The University of Texas at Arlington or any officer of The University of Texas at Arlington for damages resulting from an infectious disease screening, monitoring, and/or treatment plan.