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Health Promotion

The purpose of the Health Promotion Program is to train and prepare students to make healthy lifestyle choices. Under the direction of our health educators, a number of outreach programs and special events are planned each term aimed at educating students on how to promote health and prevent disease.

If you would like more information or are interested in Health Promotion activities, please e-mail or call 817-272-2619.



The mission of the Peer Education Program is to promote healthy lifestyles and relationships through effective communication and aid in prevention of sexually transmitted infections and diseases through educational programming. Peer educators also create an awareness of the dynamics of tobacco cessation, substance abuse and nutrition/heart health.

Peer educators present workshops on topics such as power dynamics in relationships, sex and communication, sex role stereotypes, dating behaviors, prevention strategies, etc. Presentations will target the campus community including residence hall groups, social and Greek organizations, and other interested groups of students.

Interested? Fill out an application today! For more information contact HPSA at 817-272-2619.