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Distance ID Card Requirements

So you're here to request a distance education ID, great! Here's what you do...

Step 1 - Download and fill out form, available here -> Distance ID Form

Step 2 - Have the form notarized

Step 3 - Using your email, send the following to

  1. A scan of the completed, notarized distance ID request form
  2. A scan of your govermnet issued ID photo such as a driver's license or passport
  3. Your photo (see below for photo requirements and sample photos)

Finally, Let's review the photo requirements...

  1. Photo file must be in .jpeg format.
  2. File name must be your full UTA 10 digit ID# (e.g. 1001234567.jpg)
  3. Head, shoulder and face clearly visible and facing forward — no profile shots, sunglasses, hats or hands.
  4. Photo needs to be in color with a uniform white or light blue colored background.
  5. We only want to see you - No friends, pets or others in the photo with you.
  6. Graduation caps, gowns, or other costumes should not be worn.

The Perfect Photo should look something like...

perfect photo should follow above guidelines

Bad Photo Wall of Shame. Don't be these guys...

no hats or hand signs

No hats, hands or sunglasses.

solid white or light blue background only

Solid white or light blue background only.

no blurry images

No blurry images.

image too close

Head, shoulders and face must be visible.

eyes must be open

Make sure your eyes are open!

no car selfie photos

No car selfies allowed. We need a solid background.

no drivers license scans

Driver's license scans are not allowed.