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Fitness Assessments & Personal Training

About the Programs

Campus Recreation offers Fitness Assessment and Personal Training services to all of its members. These programs are designed to motivate, educate and guide in choosing healthy lifestyle changes to promote fitness and overall wellbeing. Certified Personal Trainers conduct all of our assessments and are available to hire for individualized exercise prescription, program design, and on-going coaching.

Fitness Assessments

Fitness Assessments measure the five components of fitness: body composition, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility.

Assessments are used to clear individuals for participation in a new exercise program and estimate one’s current fitness level. Results also assist in exercise prescription including appropriate exercise selection, intensity, and other training variables.

Our assessment includes:

  • Health History Profile & PAR-Q
  • Physician’s Clearance (if necessary)
  • Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Readings (vitals)
  • InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer (body composition and hydration)*
  • 3-Minute Step Test (cardiovascular endurance)
  • 1-Minute Curl-Up Test (muscular endurance)
  • Hand Grip Strength Test (muscular strength)
  • Sit and Reach Test (flexibility)

*For more info about InBody, please visit the link below:

Personal Training

For those wanting expert guidance in their exercise journey, we offer Personal Training and Program Design services for any of the following areas:

  • General Health and Wellbeing
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Muscular Strength & Endurance
  • Hypertrophy (muscle size)
  • Power & Speed Improvements
  • Sports Specific & Functional Training
  • Physique Enhancement
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Weight Management & Fat Loss

Personal Trainers create safe, effective and efficient exercise programs to meet each client’s individual goals. Research suggests that hiring a trainer can improve one’s motivation and adherence to exercise thereby increasing the effectiveness of the activity and allowing individuals to reach goals more quickly, safely and effectively.


  • InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis Standalone - $10.00
  • Fitness Assessments w/InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis - $20.00
  • Initial Consultations & Single Sessions - $35
  • Three (3) Session Package  or Program Design Only - $100 ($33/session)
  • Six (6) Session Package - $180 ($30/session)
  • Twelve (12) Session Package - $300 ($25/session)

*All sessions are approximately one hour. Small group training (up to 4) is allowed but there is no sharing of costs. Each individual will be responsible for the full session rate.

**An Initial Consultation is a prerequisite for hiring a trainer. These include a full Fitness Assessment with InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis, goal setting and additional trainer selected assessments to help with individualized exercise prescription and program design. If purchasing a training package, the first session may be used toward your Initial Consultation. Fitness Assessments may also be purchased as a standalone service for those not interested in Personal Training.

***All packages must be paid in full upfront.

****For those who want Program Design only, we require three sessions. The first serves as your Initial Consultation/Fitness Assessment. The other two allow the trainer to walk you through the program to ensure it can be followed properly. Program Design includes one four-week block of training.

Please purchase a session or package prior to your appointment. All payments can be made in person at our Membership Services Desk at the MAC. We accept cash, credit or personal check. Additional payment options can be found online at

Scheduling & Payments

If you would like to schedule an appointment for an InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis Standalone, a Fitness Assessment with InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis included, and/or an Initial Consultation (includes full Fitness Assessment with InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis, goal setting, etc.) with one of our Personal Trainers, please use the link below:

Once submitted, the Assistant Director for Wellness will work to assign a trainer to you. That trainer will contact you within 48 business hours from assignment to schedule your appointment.


For more information or questions regarding the Personal Training and Fitness Assessment programs, please contact Jeremy Roden at

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How can you sign up?

Sign up for fitness program and services at the Services & Information Desk at the MAC.

Maverick Activities Center (The MAC)