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Alumni Voices

We don't speak for ourselves, our graduates do.

Steven Duong, MCRP (2013 Graduate)
"The MCRP program at UTA was instrumental in preparing me toSteven Duong become an urban planner. The ability to learn and apply knowledge and skills in an urban laboratory like DFW meant that my education was diverse, affording me an opportunity to explore a variety of pressing urban issues. Additionally, being a graduate from the program allowed me to instantly connect to an incredibly large network of professionals that helped open up employment opportunities.

It has been five years since I graduated and I am able to travel the world as a consultant with an international design firm, AECOM, working on the projects that represent the forefront of planning such as urban resilience and smart cities. With the global population increasingly consolidating in urbanized areas, there has never been a better time to become an urban planner."

Corry McClellan, MCRP (2015 Graduate)

"There are many advantages to pursuing a planning degree at UT Arlington: the program is Planning Alum Corrylocated in one of the largest urban areas in the country, it is highly flexible and customizable, the cost of attendance is remarkably affordable, there are ample internship and hands-on learning opportunities, and the program is deeply connected to the DFW planning community. The region’s growth also means there are always new planning and transportation projects to help keep coursework relevant and applicable.

The MCRP program is central to the DFW planning community - many local planners are alumni of the program and the alumni network is tight-knit and supportive. Many adjunct faculty members are practicing planners in both the public and private sectors. The program’s balance of location, scope of education, and resources helped me become a competitive job applicant and thoughtful planner. It also made it easier to study for and pass the AICP exam.

I was hired as a Legislative Affairs intern for a city of 300,000 people within two months of enrolling in the MCRP program. Prior to graduating I received a job offer from a national engineering and design firm - Freese and Nichols, Inc., where I currently serve as an assistant project manager for comprehensive planning projects in Texas and Oklahoma."

Tamara Cook, MCRP (2006 Graduate)

"The MCRP program at UTA opened my eyes to how multiple elements impact communities Planning Alum Tamarawhile making them strong and resilient to change. I started working at North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG), the regional planning agency for the North Central Texas region as an air quality intern. I transitioned to NCTCOG’s Environment and Development Department and am currently a Senior Program Manager managing regional programs and projects that cover a wide range of development, environmental, sustainability and infrastructure related topics.

I enjoy my job each and every day. The challenges of coordinating with different entities such as cities, businesses, non-profits and others to address issues and create solutions together is something I truly enjoy.

It is certainly an exciting time to be working in the DFW region and addressing regional planning challenges that will help ensure an excellent quality of life for the current and future residents in North Central Texas."

Vince Tam MCRP (2012 Graduate)

The UT Arlington M.Arch and MCRP programs laid down my strong creative foundation to solve complex urban projects. The intricacy of having to constantly connect Planning Alumni Vince Tamand contextualize makes every project unique. I begin any urban design challenge by asking,“how are they going to experience the space?”.

As a trained architect and certified planner in the HKS Sports and Entertainment Studio, I am interested in studying spaces beyond the property line and beyond the designated users of the buildings. In large-scale stadium complexes, it is imperative to understand how it will function on event days when the site is in full capacity as well as non-event days when the site may act as a community living room.

DFW is one of the nation’s fastest growing markets. Most of my classmates and I had a smooth transition to a professional planning practice upon graduation. The relationship we established during school with practicing planners was invaluable for attaining internship and full-time positions. I am grateful for the continuing friendship with my professors and classmates as we continue to share our passion in planning.