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Guoqiang Shen

Guoqiang Shen

Professor of Planning

Planning and Landscape Architecture

Office: CAPPA 313, E-mail:

B.ARCH, Tsinghua University, 1985

MS.LARC, Beijing University, 1988

M.CRP, The Ohio State University, 1994

PhD, The Ohio State University, 1998

Dr. Guoqiang Shen is a full Professor in Regional and City Planning, College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs (CAPPA), the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). Dr. Shen has broad research interests and creative activities in urban transportation planning, freight transportation and logistics; urban spatial analysis, GIS, applied operations research, regional science, risk analysis, performance measures of eco-system services and landscapes; urban design and physical planning, real estate development; and comparative international urban and planning issues (particularly in the USA and China). As a scholar and practitioner, Dr. Shen is synthesizing his creative activities into scholarly publications in urban design and planning. His research efforts for the next five to ten years will be broadly on sustainable, healthy, and smart cities from transportation, socio-economic, spatial, physical planning and design perspectives.

 Dr. Shen has published 40 peer-reviewed articles in Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Journal of Risk Research, Natural Hazards, Journal of Transportation TechnologiesInternational Journal of Transportation Science and TechnologyInternational Journal of Critical InfrastructureJournal of Transportation Systems Engineering & Information Technology,  Journal of Transport GeographyJournal of Geographical Information Systems, International Journal of Geographic Information ScienceSocio-Economic Planning SciencesPapers in Regional SciencesGeographic AnalysisReview of Urban and Regional DevelopmentGeographical and Environmental Modeling, Studies in Regional Science, International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics, and Journal of Geography and Regional Planning, etc. He has 10+ more articles currently under view or revision for various peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Also, he has about 60 papers, abstracts or presentations in various national and international conferences.

Dr. Shen’s scholarly research is funded through multiple grants totaling about $15.0 million over the past 10+ years through collaborations with groups of engineering faculty and with $2.5+ million directly and largely attributing to his efforts. He develops cutting-edge multi-mode, multi-commodity spatially scalable freight flow models that can provide good freight estimates and visualizations at international, country, state, county, metropolitan, and traffic analysis zone levels.

Dr. Shen’s professional practice is largely realized through his creative activities in urban physical design and planning projects in China. Over the past 10 years, he has participated in over 20 international, national, local competition or privately-sponsored projects ranging from small-scale architecture and landscape architecture design projects (i.e., custom villa, high-rise apartment, urban park, hotel/office/shopping complex), mid-scale urban design and planning projects (i.e., planned unit development, new town plan), to large-scale urban planning projects (i.e., 7,500 acre resort, 37,000 acre sea-side sustainable development).

Dr. Shen’s latest projects include SkyVilla, an innovative new residential housing design, and U-Ship, a smart freight sharing system and APP.