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Nazanin Ghaffari

Nazanin Ghaffari

Instructor-UPPP Ph.D. EGTA Program

Planning and Landscape Architecture

Trained as an architect and urban designer, Nazanin has nearly a decade of working experience with municipal governments, research institutes, private sector firms, grassroots organizations and international development agencies in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific Region. She has worked extensively on public spaces and placemaking, social and affordable housing, urban deterioration and slums.

Pursuing a Ph.D. in Urban Planning and Public Policy at UTA, her dissertation questions the inclusiveness of mainstream public spaces through a feminist lens and also analyzes the bottom-up innovations and local communities’ efforts resisting exclusionary policies.

As the instructor of PLAN 3301-The Metroplex, a required core course  in the Urban Affairs Minor, she capitalizes on the attributes and opportunities of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex as a learning laboratory and familiarize students with the various physical, social, cultural, cognitive and economic characteristics of our metropolitan area through five episodes of urban discovery.