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Interior Design Student Achievement Data

Student Achievement Data

Program in Interior Design granting the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design degree. 

Full-time students taking approximately 16 credits per semester, typically complete the degree program in four years. The program also has a large number of transfer students.  Graduation for transfer students can be accomplished within the established four-year curriculum.

The following data were collected using institutional records.

Student Attrition and Retention

100% of students admitted in the fall of 2017 returned in the fall of 2018, putting attrition at 0%.

Graduation Rates

Of the students graduating in 2019, 100% graduated in 4 years.

The following information has been collected from an alumni survey administered in May 2019 to interior design graduates from 2015-2019. This data will be updated when survey results are complete.

Acceptance into Graduate Programs

No survey respondents graduating 2017-2019 have reported applying to graduate school.

Job Placement Rates:

80% of students graduating 2017-2019 are working in interior design or a related profession.