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Certificate Coordinator: Dr. Jianling

Geographic information Systems are rapidly becoming essential tools of analysis at all levels of public and private sector management, administration and planning. See examples of how GIS is used at People with GIS skills are in demand across a broad range of professions in government, business and nonprofit organizations nationwide. For more information about GIS jobs and salary levels, visit

The College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs offers a certificate program that trains students to use GIS competently in a wide variety of professional fields. The program is open to both degree and non-degree seeking students. To apply, please visit ApplyTexas at, select “U.S. Graduate Admission Application,” and follow the instructions to select the certificate program and fill in any information required for the application.

For the admission requirements for the certificate program, please check our admission requirements page.

While students can apply for the certificate program any time at their convenience, they are strongly encouraged to apply at least one month prior to the start of a semester to ensure their enrollment in a class. For more information about the application process, please contact our advising staff at

The GIS certificate requires 15 hours of graduate course work consisting of the following:


  • PLAN 5356 Geographic Information Systems: Introduction to GIS and the application of computer graphics systems in the storage, processing and retrieval of urban and regional geographic information; case examples and related projects and issues of system management.
  • PLAN 5357 Intermediate Geographic Information Systems: Applications of GIS to typical urban and regional geographic information problems and projects. Prerequisite: CIRP 5356 or consent of instructor.
  • PLAN 5331 GIS Workshop: Skills, practical experience, problem-solving methods and techniques in geographic information systems. Capstone course for GIS Certificate Program. Prerequisite: PLAN 5357 or consent of instructor.

(or other courses by approval of the GIS coordinator and agreement and advisement of the corresponding departments and instructors).

  • PLAN 5333 Graphics and Multimedia Communication in Planning
  • PLAN 5340 GIS and Suitability Analysis
  • PLAN 5361 Planning Internship (GIS-Focused)
  • PLAN 5395 Special Topic in Spatial Analysis
  • ARCH 5329 Architecture Computer Graphics
  • CE 5349 Advanced GIS and Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
  • CSE 5330 Database Systems I
  • GEOL 5323 Remote Sensing Fundamentals
  • INSY 5308 Advanced Programming
  • INSY 5310 Introduction to Computers and Information Systems
  • INSY 5335 Applied Database Management
  • INSY 5392 Visual Basic