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Certificate Coordinator: Dr. Karabi Bezboruah,

The certificate in Urban Nonprofit Management at The University of Texas at Arlington prepares students who are working in or are considering management careers in a nonprofit organization. The courses in this program address pertinent topics in entrepreneurship, leadership and management of the trillion dollar nonprofit sector that includes education, research, healthcare, art, culture, religion, social and human services, advocacy, legal services, international organizations, foundations, and mutual benefit professional and trade associations. Students from any department or discipline may elect to complete the certificate program. Upon completion, students will be prepared to assume key roles in any nonprofit institution, or to establish their own nonprofit venture.

The program is open to both degree and non-degree seeking students. See details on the admission requirements page.

The certificate requires completion of 15 hours of graduate level coursework and some of the courses can be completed online.

PAPP 5354 Management of Nonprofit Organizations On campus only
PAPP 5355 Nonprofit Organizations in Public Policy  Both
Elective COURSES - select three:ONLINE/ON CAMPUS
PAPP 5302 Fundamentals of Urban Research and Analysis Both
PAPP 5303 The Metroplex  On campus only
PAPP 5313  Community Development On campus only
PAPP 5329 Financial Management in the Public & Nonprofit Sectors  Both
PAPP 5345 Evaluation Research (Pre-requisite: URPA 5302)  Both
PAPP 5348 Cost Benefit Analysis On campus only
PAPP 5351 Human Resource Management in Government & 
PAPP 5352 Conflict Resolution in the Public & Nonprofit Sectors Both
PAPP 5357 Strategic Management and Planning in Public and 
Nonprofit Sectors
On campus only
PAPP 5392 Topics in Urban Management On campus only
PLAN 5319 Agencies of Planning and Administration On campus only
SOCW 5303 Foundations of Social Policy and Services On campus only
MARK 5311 Marketing  On campus only