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The University of Texas at ArlingtonThe University of Texas at Arlington

Certificate Programs

The Department of Public Affairs offers two certificate programs:

  • Public Budgeting and Financial Management
  • Urban Nonprofit Management

Students can apply for these fifteen credit hour programs as non-degree seeking students and should apply for admission to the UTA Graduate Admissions as a Non-Degree Seeking Student.

Apply for a Certificate Program via the Apply Texas application site

Students can also complete the certificates as part of the accelerated online MPA program by completing hours applicable to the full MPA degree. (You are encouraged to consider applying to the MPA even if you only wish to complete the certificate.)

For general questions about the certificate programs, contact the MPA Graduate Advisor, Karolyn Field.

Public Budgeting and Financial Management

Certificate Coordinator: Dr. Alejandro Rodriguez,

Sound fiscal management at all levels of government is essential for meeting the demands of an increasingly expensive and complex service-delivery need. The purpose of this graduate certificate is to provide students interested in public sector affairs and local government officials (budgeters, planners, finance analysts, and elected officials) with the skills to enable them to effectively support local government financial decision-making.

Participants should expect to attain a comprehensive understanding of public budgeting and financial management processes and theories including knowledge of the various government revenue sources, major expenditures, and borrowing mechanisms used to finance long-life capital assets.

Admission Requirements: 

  • GPA of 2.8 of in the last 60 hours of undergraduate coursework
  • Applicants with a GPA lower than 2.8 may be recommended for admission based on the following enhancing factors:
    • The applicant’s work experience and level of responsibility;
    • An undergraduate degree in economics, financial management, accounting, or other closely related field.

The certificate requires completion of 15 hours of graduate-level coursework and it can be completed online. All required and four out of seven elective courses are offered online

Required CoursesOnline/On Campus
PAPP 5326 Public Budgeting Both
PAPP 5332 Public Capital Budgeting and Planning Both
PAPP 5329 Financial Management in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors Both
Elective Courses - Select two of:Online/On Campus
PAPP 5312 Urban Economic Policy Both
PAPP 5324 Urban Public Finance  On campus only
PAPP 5345 Evaluation Research


PAPP 5306 The Urban Economy 

On campus only

PAPP 5302 Fundamentals of Urban Research and Analysis Both
PAPP 5310 Urban Policy and the Law Both
PAPP 5321 Urban Management On campus only

Urban Nonprofit Management

Certificate Coordinator: Dr. Karabi Bezboruah,

Demand for nonprofit-management education has surged along with job growth in the nonprofit sector and with the increased competitiveness between nonprofit agencies. Student looking to move into the sector are finding entry easier and opportunities greater with nonprofit-management credentials. The certificate is intended as preparation for students who are working in or are considering management careers in a nonprofit organization.

Public-affairs programs like the one at CAPPA offer a reliable venue for nonprofit-management education. The program is tailored specifically to nonprofit-organization needs, guided by an advisory board of nonprofit professionals. 

Admission Requirements:

  • GPA of 3.0 in the last 60 hours of undergraduate coursework
  • Strong letters or recommendation
  • Well-written essay
  • The applicant’s work experience and level of responsibility

The certificate requires completion of 15 hours of graduate level coursework and some of the courses can be completed online.

PAPP 5354 Management of Nonprofit Organizations On campus only
PAPP 5355 Nonprofit Organizations in Public Policy  Both
Elective COURSES - select three:ONLINE/ON CAMPUS
PAPP 5302 Fundamentals of Urban Research and Analysis Both
PAPP 5303 The Metroplex  On campus only
PAPP 5313  Community Development On campus only
PAPP 5329 Financial Management in the Public & Nonprofit Sectors  Both
PAPP 5345 Evaluation Research (Pre-requisite: URPA 5302)  Both
PAPP 5348 Cost Benefit Analysis On campus only
PAPP 5351 Human Resource Management in Government & 
PAPP 5352 Conflict Resolution in the Public & Nonprofit Sectors Both
PAPP 5357 Strategic Management and Planning in Public and 
Nonprofit Sectors
On campus only
PAPP 5392 Topics in Urban Management On campus only
PLAN 5319 Agencies of Planning and Administration On campus only
SOCW 5303 Foundations of Social Policy and Services On campus only
MARK 5311 Marketing  On campus only