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Freshman Interest Group - FIG

Freshman Interest Groups (FIGS)

A Maverick Scholars Freshman Interest Group (FIG) is an exciting way for first-year students to merge their academic priorities with their personal and social goals. Each FIG consists of 15-30 students who share the same major or interest. These freshmen enroll in similar class schedules-usually sharing three to four core classes-and participate in our specially designed Freshman Seminar, which allows them to begin working together with faculty and staff from their chosen major as soon as they arrive on campus.

The Architecture FIG is for freshmen students interested in majoring in interior design or architecture, the Drawing on Success FIGs can provide you with the head start you'll need in this popular and nationally recognized department. As a member of an Architecture FIG you'll be mingling with Architecture faculty, staff, upper classmen and the Dean of Architecture.