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The University of Texas at ArlingtonThe University of Texas at Arlington

Frequently Asked Questions

What degree will I receive if I complete the undergraduate program in architecture at The University of Texas at Arlington?

The School of Architecture at UT Arlington offers undergraduate degrees in both Architecture and Interior Design.

The undergraduate program in Architecture is a four-year, pre-professional program leading to the bachelor of science degree. This program provides a foundation in the field architecture and prepares the student for continued education in a professional degree program.

The undergraduate Interior Design is a four-year, FIDER (Foundation for Interior Design Research) accredited program leading to a bachelor of science degree.

Does UT Arlington offer a professional degree in Architecture?

Yes. There are two professional programs of study in architecture that awards the Master of Architecture (M.Arch) degree which are accreditated with the NAAB (National Architectural Accrediting Board). They require approximately 3-1/2 years and two years, respectively. The Path-A professional degree is a 3-1/2-years master’s program which serves students holding a degree in a field other than architecture. The Path-B professional degree in architecture at UT Arlington is a graduate, two-year program designed for students who already have an undergraduate degree in Architecture.

The School of Architecture also offers 3-1/2 years professional degree of Master of Landscape Architecture (M.LARC). The Program in Landscape Architecture is fully accredited by the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

If I complete the Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture at UT Arlington, will I be guaranteed admission to the graduate program in Architecture?

Admission to the graduate program in Architecture at UT Arlington is competitive and based upon merit as evidenced in the applicant’s previous academic performance, G.R.E. scores, T.O.E.F.L. (as required) scores, portfolio, and other supporting documentation. Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply to UT Arlington’s graduate program in architecture; however, they are not guaranteed admission. Those who show good academic progress during their undergraduate studies are generally well-prepared and meet with success in gaining admission to a graduate program of study.

Does the School of Architecture offer a graduate degree in Interior Design?

The School of Architecture offers two graduate degrees; Masters of Architecture and Masters of Landscape Architecture.

Is a portfolio required for entrance into the undergraduate program in Architecture or Interior Design at UT Arlington?

A portfolio is not a requirement for admission to the undergraduate program in Architecture or Interior Design at UT Arlington. Students will just apply for admissions to the University.

As a transfer student, how will I know which classes will transfer to UT Arlington?

A complete course transfer evaluation will be done after you have been accepted to UT Arlington. The School of Architecture will determine whether you have completed courses that equate with its core requirements. If you wish to receive transfer credit for design studio work or other Architecture or Interior Design-related course work, you should provide course descriptions, syllabi, and a portfolio for review by the Counselor of the Architecture Program.

What are advanced electives?

Advanced electives are any junior or senior level courses that are at least 3 credit hours (ie. HIST 33xx, ARCH 43xx).

What is a liberal arts elective?

Liberal arts electives are courses that are at least sophomore level and 3 credit hours (ie. 23xx, 33xx, 43xx) from any of the following subjects: ADVT, ART, ARTH, BCMN, COMM, CRCJ, CTEC, ENGL, FREN, FORL, GERM, HIST, JOUR, MODL, MUSI, PHIL, PREL, POLS, RUSS, SPAN, SPCH, THEA or WOMS.

What is a social science or social cultural elective?

Social Science or social cultural electives are 3 credit hours courses at any level (ie. 13xx, 23xx, 33xx, 43xx) from any of the following subjects: ANTH, ECON, CLAS, GEOG, LING, SOCI, PSYC.

What are university electives?

University electives are any level course at least 3 credit hours (ie. 13xx, 23xx, 33xx, 43xx).

I’m thinking of changing my major to Architecture or Interior Design, what do I need to do?

There is a mimimum 2.5 GPA requirement to change majors to ARCH or INTD, if that requirement met you can go online and complete a request form or go by the ARCH office to pick one up.

I’m currently an ARCH or INTD student and I want to change to another major, what do I need to do?

You will schedule an appointment to meet with a department advisor from the major in which you’d like to change to, they will discuss their requirements to be accepted into their program.

I would like to double major in ARCH and INTD, can I do that?

No, the School of Architecture does not offer the option to double major in ARCH and INTD.

Can I get a minor in ARCH or INTD?

The School of Architecture does not offer a minor in ARCH or INTD. We do offer a minor in History of Architecture, that can be acquired by taking at least 18 hours from the following courses: ARCH 2303, 2304, 4305, 4308, 4309, 4310, 4315, 4316, 4317, 4318 and 4320.

What are the program requirements for the School of Architecture?

The School of Architecture requires for both ARCH and INTD students that all core and all 1st & 2nd year program courses be completed and the students must meet the department’s minimum GPA requirement prior to entering 3rd year of either program. Once meeting the requirements and entering 3rd year of the program, the students are required to maintain the department’s minimum GPA requirement to proceed within the program.

I’ve completed all of my 1st & 2nd year ARCH/INTD courses and have the department’s minimum GPA requirement but I still have 1 or more core classes, can I get a waiver to start my 3rd year courses while completing my core?

The core as well as the 1st & 2nd year ARCH/INTD courses and the GPA requirement must be completed prior to taking any 3rd or 4th year program courses.

I’m in the 3rd or 4th year of the program and my GPA fell below the department’s minimum GPA requirement, what can I do?

You must take electives only until your GPA again meets the department’s minimum GPA requirement; the electives may or may not apply to your degree plan depending on the number electives it will require to bring your GPA back on track.

Can I do an internship for credit towards my undergraduate degree?

Internship credit that will apply for credit is only offered on the undergraduate level to INTD students. The INTD BS is a professional degree, so it will apply. ARCH students cannot do this until they are in the graduate program.

Why can’t I register as early as others?

Registration dates are determined first by the number of credit hours, then by academic standing. Students on academic probation will have a later registration date no matter the number of credit hours they have.