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The portfolio review does not apply to students with no prior college level design classes.

Students who have college-level transfer coursework in architecture and/or interior design are welcome to submit a portfolio for review to determine placement in our program.

Placement in the studio sequence is based upon previous studio courses, the quality of the design work completed for each course and university acceptance of the course.

Similarly, additional architecture lecture and seminar courses will be reviewed for transfer credit when they correspond to UT Arlington courses in the BS Arch and/or BS Intd curriculum.

In some cases, more than one course at a previous university will be used for the equivalent of a single course at UT Arlington.

In some cases, courses will not be given transfer credit.

The portfolio (no CDs, email, etc.) should measure no larger than 11” x 14”. Its design and content is left to each student (NOTE: our program is design-based with strong emphasis on freehand drawing and model building skills). The portfolio must present visual work that corresponds to each course in need of review by the School of Architecture. Please include a university course description or a faculty member’s syllabus for each course.

You are encouraged to provide your own brief summary for each course; however, the visual work will be the determining factor.

For this evaluation process, students provide in their portfolios SAMPLES of original visual work from each course in architecture completed at previous institutions. A School of Architecture studio faculty member examines this work in order to place each student in an appropriate design studio. In addition, the faculty member identifies which architecture courses will or will not be given transfer credit. At the conclusion of the portfolio review, a transfer student knows how many courses will transfer.

Mailed portfolios should be sent to

UTA School of Architecture
College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs
ATTN: Undergraduate Advisor
601 W. Nedderman Dr., Suite 203
Arlington, TX 76019-0108

Students wishing to have their portfolios returned by mail must provide a self-addressed and postage-paid envelope or package or come by the office to pick them up.