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Connect the Dots at CAPPA

March 8, 2016

Dear CAPPA Students,

You are invited to
Connect the Dots @ CAPPA

Each month, students may participate in co-creating CAPPA by connecting the dots of the new CAPPA installation on the piano nobile of our building.

Just form a team of 2 or more students and submit your names by email to Sara Abraham-Oxford (

Teams will be assigned months in the order received. Selected teams will install on the first day of the month and remove by the last day of the month.

You may -
Clad it
Wrap it
Weave it
Collage it
Light it
Plant it
Build within or upon it
Suspend from it
Project on it
Use the wall around it
And more . . .
(Though you may not apply paint or glue.)

Consider the experience you are creating -
How is the installation experienced from a distance? Close up?
How does it look in the daytime? In the evening?
Is it monumental, poetic, celebratory, beautiful, meaningful, provocative, pure folly, interactive, … ?
Does it invite us to linger?
Does it engage us?
Does it evoke a smile, a laugh, curiosity, wonder … ?

Student teams will include a small board including their names, project title, and brief descriptor.

Each project will be showcased on the CAPPA website and one will be selected annually by student vote to receive a cash award.

The first project can be installed as soon as the first team is ready, and remain up until April 30.

connect the dots

connect the dots

connect the dots

connect the dots

connect the dots