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CAPPA Teams with College of Business to Offer Real Estate Master's

May 11, 2016

The College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs is partnering with the College of Business to offer a Master of Science in Real Estate starting Fall 2016. 

The MSRE is composed of 12 courses, five of which are in CAPPA. 

Master of Science in Real Estate

The purpose of the Master of Science in Real Estate degree program is to provide students an opportunity to obtain a better understanding of the mechanics of real estate decision making in modern society and a greater depth of training in the discipline of real estate decision making than is possible at the baccalaureate level. The program also brings into focus the value addition of Real Estate Development to the city and its community.

The specific objectives of the program are to prepare students for careers in business, government, research, urban planning and teaching and for further graduate study. In this program, students are exposed to the theory, research, and practical applications of numerous real estate and urban planning content areas, including investment analysis, appraisal, real estate development, primary and secondary mortgage markets, mortgage backed securities, sustainability, landscape architecture, and urban design. The Master of Science in Real Estate degree program is a specialized degree program designed to build upon the candidate’s background.

MSRE Curriculum

Foundation Course 

REAE 5311 (Real Estate Analysis)

Advanced Courses   

REAE 5321 (Seminar in Real Estate Investment) (Pre-Requisite: REAE 5311)

REAE 5334 (Seminar in Real Estate Appraisal) (Pre-Requisite: REAE 5311)

REAE 5319 (Seminar in Real Estate Finance) (Pre-Requisite: REAE 5311)

REAE 5314 (Seminar in Real Estate Development) (Pre-Requisite: REAE 5311)

REAE 5316 (Adaptive Reuse & Redevelopment of Commercial Investment Real Estate)

REAE 5350 (Quantitative Methods for Real Estate)

CIRP 5304 (Plan, Implementation, Zoning and Regulations)*

CIRP 5308 (Metropolitan Sustainability and Plan Making)*

CIRP 5310 (Planning, Urban Development and Structure)*                                                            

CIRP 5316 (Land Use Planning and The Law)*

LARC (New course on Value-added Design)*

Can be substituted by another suitable CIRP or LARC course upon approval

REAE – Real Estate (College of Business)

LARC - Landscape Architecture (College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs)

CIRP - City and Regional Planning (College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs)