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LARE Preparatory Workshops

March 3, 2018

University of Texas at Arlington

LARE Preparation Workshops

Sections 3 & 4


Joe Pack, ASLA, PLA has been fortunate to work continuously since 1981 in the Park Administration and Landscape Architecture professions. He draws from a wide range of experience having been employed at the Cities of Carrollton, Arlington and North Richland Hills. In his current position with North Richland Hills, he is required to hold my Landscape Architecture license as a condition of his employment. In addition, employment with the Texas Instruments world headquarters in Dallas in the Site Development Department gave him a tremendous amount of experience outside the public realm. Landscape Architecture as a profession has his complete and full respect.

John Fain, RLA, ASLA, LI, LEED AP has been a practicing landscape architect since        1979.  He earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Connecticut in 1974 and a Master’s in Landscape Architecture form the University of Massachusetts in 1979.  In 1994, John also became a licensed irrigator and in 2009 a LEED Accredited Professional.  Over the past 35 years, John has practiced landscape architecture in Texas as both a public servant with the Cities of Fort Worth and Arlington and as an independent private practitioner.  In 2002, he joined the University of Texas Arlington as an Adjunct Professor, where he has continued to teach through the current semester.

Both John and Joe feel obligated not only to their personal careers but also to future landscape architects who possess the same amount of respect and enthusiasm for the profession.

Workshop Philosophy

Each workshop is held over an entire weekend at the University.  They are geared specifically to prepare candidates to test for licensure as Landscape Architects. Class sizes are limited in size in order to maximize interaction with instructors.

The Design workshop helps candidates discover the difference between site design in the real world and site design in the CLARB world. All too often, new candidates sitting for the exam will draw off of their real world experiences to answer questions on the exam, and this could result in failure. The reality is clear that CLARB tested Landscape Architects must always prioritize the health, safety and welfare of the public. Understanding this priority and how to design to achieve this is paramount in successfully passing section 3 of the exam.

The Grading, Drainage and Construction Documentation workshop focusses on two key elements essential to passing the examination. 

Subject Matter Mastery -- To pass, one must have a thorough knowledge of the technical aspects of the subject matter. John will distribute short, intense vignettes that focus strictly on the unique nature of the exam. These exercises are used to reinforce the learning experience.

Test-taking Experience -- Knowing how to take the tests are arguably just as important as subject matter mastery, particularly with the latest computerized format! The three essential components of test taking are familiarity with the form of the exam, knowing the types of questions to expect, and developing time management stamina.

John began teaching candidates how to prepare for the exam in 2004.  Joe joined the team in 2005.  In 20 or more workshops, they have helped over 100 students gain a much better understanding of how to prepare for the exam.  Their training has boosted candidate self-confidence and heightened awareness of common mistakes while taking the exam.  They have seen a high percentage of success stories throughout the years, and are pleased and honored to know that their efforts played a large role in exam candidates being able to achieve licensure.