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The Modern Sukkah - People's Choice Award

October 10, 2018

Two senior CAPPA Architecture students, Ashley Foster and Rainah Adkins participated in The Sukkah Dwell in Design Competition hosted by the Texas Jewish Arts in Dallas. The Sukkah Project is a design competition to which local and national architects and artists are invited to submit their most creative and exciting sukkah designs. Foster and Adkins were selected as finalists which entailed building a life size Sukkah with a modern and artistic perspective. The students' Sukkah, "The Modern Sukkah", received the People's Choice Award from the competition.

"A Sukkah is a temporary structure constructed for annual use during the week-long Jewish festival of Sukkot. It is described as a reminder of the booths in which the children of Israel dwelt during their journey through the desert, from slavery in Egypt to freedom. Jewish tradition commands dwelling in these freestanding booths for the seven-day period marking this harvest festival. These outdoor structures range from simple huts to elaborate retreats."


The "Modern Sukkah" consisted of walls with shade fins to protect from the sun, while still allowing an outside view. A chaise that contours to the body was built to provide a space to lay down while stargazing at night and face an open view for every sunrise. Foster stated, "Part of the design was to provide shelter from the elements, as well as connecting you to nature." With inspiration from Thomas Jefferson's bed that sat between his office and bedroom, and a demonstrated connection to nature, the Modern Sukkah came to life.

"We were able to bring our design to life which is very rare when you are in school. It makes you think more about how materials come together structurally. This competition gave confidence in our design abilities and a better understanding of the design build process," said Foster.sukkah-design

Adkins and Foster, currently in CAPPA's Design Build Parallel Construction class, are looking forward to applying their skills on the upcoming class project that involves designing and building a house.

View the drone footage from the Sukkah's design site.