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The University of Texas at ArlingtonThe University of Texas at Arlington

Spring 2019 Graduates

CAPPA Spring 2019 Graduates
May 10, 2019

The College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs is proud to announce its graduating class for Spring 2019.

(List may be subject to change.)

Doctoral Dissertations

Lorin Carter - Urban Planning and Public Policy Ph.D.
Chairs: - Dr. Rod Hissong
Dissertation: Decoding the Jolly Green Giant: An Analysis of Green Gentrification in the Context of Rails-To-Trails Policy

Jason Flake - Public Administration and Public Policy Ph.D.
Chair: - Dr. Rod Hissong
Dissertation: The Impact Of a Veteran Identity Among Key Personnel on Successful Outcomes In Veteran Treatment Courts

Earnest Lloyd - Urban Planning and Public Policy Ph.D.

Chair: - Dr. Ardeshir Anjomani
Dissertation: Spatial Decision Support Systems Use in Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Analysis: Spatial Analysis for U.S. Army Civil Affairs Civil Information Management

Ahoura Zandiatashbar - Urban Planning and Public Policy Ph.D.

Chair: - Dr. Shima Hamidi
Dissertation: Transit, Walkability, and Economic Development in the 21st Century: 
Explorations from the U.S. Specialized High-Tech Zones, Pivotal Industries, and Innovative Small Businesses


School of Architecture
 Marone Abraham - BS.ARCH
 Rainah Adkins - BS.ARCH
 Rameesa Ahmed - BS.ARCH
 Gustavo Alejandro - BS.ARCH
 Collin Anderson - M.ARCH
 Diego Barreto - BS.ARCH
 Juan Becerra - BS.ARCH
 Karis Bishop - M.ARCH
 Montgomery Borg - BS.ARCH
 Braison Boykin - M.ARCH
 Jose de Jesus Cabrera Ramirez  - BS.ARCH
 Vanessa Chiquito - BS.ARCH
 Eunhee Cho - M.ARCH
 Luca Chudoba - BS.ARCH
 Luis Cortes - BS.ARCH
 Lea Arabel Cutillar - BS.ARCH
 Ulises De La Cruz - BS.ARCH
 Claudia Delgado Ramos - BS.ARCH
 Rebecca Eaton - BS.INTD
 Youssef Elmergawy - BS.ARCH
 Jessica Feilberg - BS.INTD
 Ashley Foster - BS.ARCH
 Nicholas Foxx - BS.ARCH
 Asher Frailey - BS.ARCH
 Zachary Frost - M.ARCH
 Jeffrey Fudge - BS.ARCH
 Sarah Gaines - BS.ARCH
 Christian Gentry - M.ARCH
 Melissa Charles Gonzalez - M.ARCH
 Gauri Gothankar - M.ARCH
 Erik Guerrero - M.ARCH
 Larry Hale - BS.ARCH
 Khayman Hall - BS.ARCH
 Brannon Heake - M.ARCH
 Theresa Heitmeier - BS.ARCH
 Bryan Hernandez - BS.ARCH
 Daniel Hernandez - M.ARCH
 Javier Hernandez - M.ARCH
 Victoria Hernandez - BS.ARCH
 Kevin Hollub - M.ARCH
 Maria Huerta - BS.ARCH
 Courtney Hunter - BS.ARCH
 Parvin Javidnezhad - BS.ARCH
 Stanislav Karmalyuk - M.ARCH
 Kaylee Lamb - BS.ARCH
 Tania Lecona - M.ARCH
 Fernando Longoria - M.ARCH
 Tristin Lott - BS.ARCH
 Lydia Martinez - BS.ARCH
 Julie Mcelvain - M.ARCH
 Antonio Molina Bendeck - M.ARCH
 Lance Moltzan - BS.ARCH
 Angela Monge - M.ARCH
 Manuel Mottu - BS.ARCH
 Crystal Musick - BS.INTD
 Quyen Nguyen - BS.ARCH
 Tuan Nguyen - M.ARCH
 Vy Thao Hoang Nguyen - BS.ARCH
 John Oberle - M.ARCH
 Emmanuel Ogunlola - BS.ARCH
 Lazaro Ontiveros - BS.ARCH
 Guillermo Padron DeLaCruz - BS.ARCH
 Cailey Petrus - BS.INTD
 Maria Ramirez - BS.INTD
 Izaura Rojas-Ponce - BS.INTD
 Gabrielle Rossato - BS.ARCH
 Zainab Safri - BS.ARCH
 Miguel Salmeron - BS.ARCH
 Farnoosh Sharbafi - M.ARCH
 Isaiah Sigala - BS.ARCH
 Miguel Soto - BS.ARCH
 Chloe Thomasian - BS.ARCH
 George Thrush - M.ARCH
 Daniel Tighe - BS.ARCH
 George Tobar - M.ARCH
 Roberto Vera - BS.ARCH
 Belén Vigil - BS.ARCH
 Ashley Vitela - BS.ARCH
 Casey West - BS.ARCH
 Daniel Williams - M.ARCH
 Diane Williams - BS.INTD
 Wing To Victoria Wong - BS.ARCH

Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture
 Mohamed Aly Amer - MLA
 Lorin Carter - UPPP
 Ronald Coulter - MCRP
 Juan Fuentes - MLA
 Crystal Kazakos - MLA
 Earnest Lloyd - UPPP
 Ann Mai - MLA
 Shirley Mathews - MCRP
 Ravija Munshi - MLA
 Mahsa Yari - MLA
 Ahoura Zandiatashbar - UPPP

Department of Public Affairs
 Alexandra Almestica - MPA
 Matthew Baldwin - MPA
 Lindsay Brantley Koskiniemi - MPA
 Charles Cisneros - MPA
 Danielle Dehoyos - MPA
 Jason Flake - PAPP
 Stephen Fullilove - MPA
 Victoria Hardebeck - MPA
 Michael Henry - MPA
 Cynthia Henton - MPA
 Alma Ibarra - MPA
 Brian Ingham - MPA
 Cecile Joblin - MPA
 Tiffany Lucas - MPA
 Alexander Luckhardt - MPA
 Josephine Maduagwu - MPA
 Yoko Matsumoto - MPA
 Jade Miller - MPA
 Christy Moers - MPA
 Jerry Morgan - MPA
 Devon Mosley - MPA
 Anais Orozco Vargas - MPA
 Lindsey Sanders - MPA
 Hannah Titony - MPA
 Dawn Welch - MPA