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UT Arlington Alumnus wins Gabriel Prize

April 8, 2009

UT Arlington School of Architecture Alumnus Jason Cantrell has been awarded the 2009 Gabriel Prize by the Western European Architecture Foundation. The award is named for the French architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel.

The award is given annually through a rigorous jury process and is accompanied by a $17,500 grant for the study of classical architecture and landscape in France. As prize winner, Jason will work closely with the Foundation’s European representative, a Parisian architect, and will produce three large renderings during his stay in France. In the process, Mr. Cantrell will have the opportunity to study many of the architectural masterpieces of France.

Jason is a 1997 graduate of the UT Arlington School of Architecture and is now attending the graduate architecture program at the University of Virginia. “I chose [Virginia] because of its combination of both hand and digital media,” Cantrell said. “Through my undergraduate studies, working, and returning to school I realize how the ancient world is inseperable from the fecundity of the modern.

“My proposal, ” Cantrell continued, “will consist of a chromatic book of light and shade focusing on how Paris’s phenomenal quality of light is animated in the spaces between buildings and landscapes, courtyards and facades, both classical and modern.”

The Western European Architecture Foundation was created in 1989 by George Parker, Jr. of Dallas. The primary mission of the foundation is the Gabriel Prize competition, awarded annually, but the organization is also committed to the preservation and restoration of French classical architecture.

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