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Local news site praises Architecture Professor Dye presentation

April 18, 2011

In an April 11, 2011 article titled "Smattering of artists and art enthusiasts probed state of Dallas’ arts", Pegasus News writer Paula Sanders singled out School of Architecture Assistant Professor Wanda Dye for particular praise for her part in a symposium focused on the arts in Dallas.  Sanders wrote:

"The final presentation of the day and perhaps the most engaging was from presenter Wanda Dye, assistant professor of architecture at UT- Arlington. Opening with a brilliant and extremely appropriate quote by French philosopher Henri Lefebvre, Dye discussed her ideas about 'public space intervention' -- to locate overlooked and neglected space and provide a solution which would use the space from a community as well as aesthetic frame of mind. Her presentation was interspersed with images and video from her students; one worthy of mentioning was a video created by Nelson Cuellar, a proposal of sorts giving a visual example how space on Lower Greenville could be transformed into a community garden."

The symposium, titled “The Freedom of the City: Models of Urban Engagement and Creativity in the 21st Century,” was sponsored by the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University.  It examined a study by an independent company from New York, Creative Time, which presented recommendations for fostering the arts in Dallas.

Wanda Dye