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KERA features Dye and the Cedars Open Studios

December 12, 2011

Wanda Dye

On November 22, 2011, KERA's Art&Seek program featured a tour of REshow, curated by UT Arlington School of Architecture assistant professor Wanda Dye. Professor Dye is also the founder of REgallery + Studio.

About the display, Dye said:

"It started out as a sort of conversation between students, architects and artists in terms of a common theme of using repurposed, reclaimed, recycled materials in our disciplines, whether it's art, architecture, urbanism, fashion design or furniture design. And so I wanted to curate a show that brought all three or four or five of these disciplines together, to try to see the crossovers and the cross-fertilizations between them."

The Cedars is home to fine artists and craftsmen working in every genre. Their studios, just south of downtown, have helped the neighborhood come alive. Once a year the studios are open to the public.