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Professors Reeves, MacDonald, and Quevedo’s Work Selected for Conference Presentation

March 8, 2012

In December 2011, the Interior Design Educator’s Council (IDEC) announced that the Bohdan Townhouse designed by Professors Thad Reeves, Heath MacDonald, and Steven Quevedo was selected for presentation at its 2012 National Conference. 

The project is an interior renovation of a townhome in the Oak Lawn neighborhood of Dallas, Texas  constructed in 1962.  Reeves, Macdonald, and Quevedo collaborated on the project, which was completed in mid- 2010 after a lengthy construction process involving custom fabrication and installation by the architects.   

The project was selected for presentation in the conference for its creative scholarship merit.  According to the creative scholarship committee;

“The jury selected the work because of its aesthetic and conceptual achievement.  In doing so, the jury recognized the work’s contribution as it effectively presents yet another layer that elevates the creative values celebrated within our discipline.  Through the juried process, your accomplishment was recognized in mastering the visual manifestation and scholarly writing that documents your creative process. “

The project will be presented with ten other selected works, in Baltimore, Maryland on March 21, 2012 at the annual IDEC conference. At that time, the project may be selected for a creative scholarship design award.