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Taylor, students and faculty recognized at CELA conference

April 2, 2013

Dr. Pat Taylor, Director of the Program in Landscape Architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington, was recognized by the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture with its President's Award. He was presented with the honor at CELA's annual business and award's luncheon at the AT&T Conference Center in Austin, Texas on March 28th, in recognition of his exceptional service to the organization. The award was presented by Virginia Tech University's Terry Clements, CELA Past President.

UT Arlington's Landscape Architecture Program students and faculty were represented at the conference in record numbers, with at least ten peer-reviewed presentations. All four full-time Landscape Architecture faculty were involved in at least one peer-reviewed presentation or panel. Seven current or recently graduated students also had co-authored presentations with the program's faculty.

The Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture is composed of virtually all the programs of higher learning in landscape architecture in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There also are individual and institutional members from many other parts of the world who belong to the CELA family.  All members of the faculties from these institutions are invited to participate in CELA as are others who possess an interest in the academic practice of landscape architecture.

The School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington offers professionally accredited and internationally recognized degrees in Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture. The School's location in the center of the nation's fourth largest metropolitan area gives students almost every cultural, social, and professional opportunity nearby. Works by the foremost contemporary architects and landscape architects may be experienced and studied firsthand.

UT Arlington CELA 2013 Peer-Reviewed Panel, Presentation, or Poster List

Panel: "State of CELA Research Initiatives." Patrick Mooney, Ming-Han Li, Christopher Ellis, Taner R. Ozdil, David Pitt, Pat Taylor

Panel: "Vegetative Roof Plant Establishment in the South Central Plains: Findings, Challenges, and Lessons Learned." David Hopman, Reid Coffman, Bruce Dvorak, William Fleming

Presentation: "Design and Implementation Processes of Low Impact Development in North Texas." Alice Holmes, Taner R. Ozdil, Fouad Jaber

Presentation: "Freehand Renaissance: Concept Sketching for a Digital Age." James Richards

Presentation: "Identifying Perceptions of the Creative Class Regarding Lost Space in Downtown Dallas" Yao Lin, Pat Taylor

Presentation: "Naturalness in Stream Restoration Projects: Learning from Johnson Creek."  Nhasala Manandhar, Taner R. Ozdil

Presentation: "Master Planning for the Arts: Identifying the Skills and Roles for Landscape Architects." Jack Phillips, Taner R. Ozdil

Presentation: "Planting Design and Its Impact on Efficacy in Therapeutic Garden Design for Dementia Patients in Long-term Care Facilities in North Texas" Cuiyan Mei, David Hopman

Presentation: "Stakeholders' Perception on the Design and Feasibility of the Fused Grid Street Network Pattern." Hong Mang, Taner R. Ozdil

Presentation: "Study of Landscape Fragmantation as an Impact of Natural Gas Drilling in North Texas." Anjana Pradhananga, Pat D. Taylor, Taner R. Ozdil

Poster/Paper: "The ‘Pedestrian Realm' as a Genesis of Commerce: Bazaars of the East and Mixed-use of the West." Zoha Niazi, Taner R. Ozdil

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