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Institute of Urban Studies to Investigate Walkability of Downtown Dallas

August 1, 2016

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A downtown Dallas walkability study undertaken by a student research team in CAPPA's Institute of Urban Studies appeared on the front page of the August 1, 2016 issue of the Dallas Morning News in the article, "Counting trees? Downtown Dallas taking steps to be more pedestrian- friendly."

Students from CAPPA’s Institute of Urban Studies are embarking on an analysis of pedestrian traffic along 184 street segments and 66 intersections throughout downtown. The results will be used to further understand the street-level experience for people who work, live and visit downtown.

“Walkable streets could help us be more physically active, and live healthier,” said Shima Hamidi, director of the Institute of Urban Studies and an assistant professor of planning. “A scientific analysis enables community leaders to identify elements that impact the appeal of a place, and to plan enhancements for the pedestrian experience.”

Student researchers will evaluate characteristics including density, block size, noise levels, parks and landscapes and building uses. The study will capture the number of active storefronts, patio spaces, parks, proximity to light rail and employment concentrations in the downtown area.


PhD student Hamid Hajjafari discusses a survey the research team conducted on the walkability of downtown Dallas areas. (DMN video/editing: Andy Jacobsohn)

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